Trash collection changes begin

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The long-awaited transition to a sole countywide garbage collection hauler begins Monday.

For more than 20 years, the duties were divvied up between three separate haulers: Republic Services (doing business as Seaside), Waste Management and Central Carting & Disposal. Each was responsible for five different zones in the county.

But when all eight bids came back this past year, county officials decided it would be better to go with one hauler covering all five zones.

Republic, the lowest bidder, got the job and will now be the sole trash hauler.

Most all customers in every zone will see a decrease in their monthly bills. Brookridge and High Point residents will see a $1 per month increase.

But customers on the north and west side of the county will see their bills decrease from $11.49 to $7.74; eastside customers’ bills will go down from $11.42 to $8.39; and Spring Hill residents who have mandatory collections will see their bills go down from $10.54 to $6.14.

People who do not currently have garbage collection service will not be required to go with Republic.

With the changeover, weekly curbside recycling will become standard for most of Hernando County. People who live outside District C — the Spring Hill mandatory recycling area — will need to call Republic to arrange for recycling pick-ups and a set schedule.

Contact Republic’s customer service representatives at (800) 282-9820 or (727) 868-2566.

Republic Services is the second-largest garbage company in the nation. The contract is for seven years, with a three-year renewable clause.

Brooksville residents who have their own garbage and recycling service and will not come under Seaside’s jurisdiction.

Here are some of the things people should know about the transition:

Customers won’t notice many changes to the current level of garbage service. They will receive twice-a-week pick-ups, once-a-week recycling pick-ups and four scheduled bulk waste pick-ups per year (instead of two under the current contract).

Republic will also provide twice-per-month yard trash pick-ups.

Garbage will be picked up two times per week every Monday and Thursday, or every Tuesday and Friday. Yard waste will be serviced every other Wednesday.

Homeowners will receive a brochure delivered or mailed to their home sometime in December with their scheduled days of service.

All garbage should be placed at the curb by 6 a.m.

The resident does and each resident will have to provide a metal or heavy-duty plastic container for solid waste that has a tight fitting lid, handles on the sides and with or without wheels.

Residents are allowed up to three, 45-gallon containers with a maximum weight of 50 pounds. Republic Services will accept plastic bags containing garbage and yard waste

Residents need to separate their yard waste from their garbage.

Yard waste should be placed in your 45-gallon waste receptacle on your scheduled Wednesday service day, or tied in bundles no longer than 4 feet long.

Weight limit is no more than 50 pounds. (352) 544-5290