Sergeant Matt Lillibridge and the Traffic Deputies want to take a moment to provide the following information…..


Aggressive driving can have serious consequences, for everyone involved…..

Many common behaviors qualify as “aggressive,” including speeding, tailgating, driving slowly in the passing lane, and other acts.

• Aggressive behaviors account for more than half of all fatal crashes.

• A single aggressive act by one driver can trigger escalating responses from other drivers.

• 80% of drivers believe aggressive driving is serious or extremely serious.

Try to avoid aggressive drivers. When you encounter an aggressive driver, keep your distance and notify the local law enforcement agency of the driver’s activities. A majority of drivers admitted to committing aggressive driving patterns at some point in time. Look for the signs that you are driving aggressively and make the conscious decision to change your driving behavior. The consequences are too important. Driving aggressively places lives in danger.

Drive safely!

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