Changing lanes on multi-lane roadways should never be done without thinking and looking. Careless lane changing is extremely dangerous. Roadway markings and signage tell us when we can change lanes, but alertness, and courtesy are both essential to safety.

Remember, every vehicle has blind spots. These areas are out of view from your mirrors. For safe lane changing, use your
mirrors and glance over your shoulder to check your blind spots. Just as your vehicle has blind spots, the other cars on the roadway also have blind spots. Try to stay visible to other vehicles.

Always use your turn signals before changing lanes. As much as people think that turn signals are optional equipment nowadays, they’re not.

From the driver’s seat, locate the steering wheel. On the left side of the steering wheel is a stalk protruding from the column. This lever is known as the turn signal switch. Please use it. Many motorists are expecting other drivers to signal their next move. Guessing is tough.

Hopefully, you were aware of this information previously. Changing lanes causes crashes on a daily basis. Besides signaling, use common sense and awareness to make your driving experience safer for you and your occupants.

Drive careful.

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