Traffic Tip Tuesday 06-21-16

Window tinting is commonplace in the hot climate of Florida. It helps keep the sun out of our eyes, and our vehicle interior cool. We get asked by many citizens as to the legality of window tint. So, here’s the deal: The front side windows must allow 28% or more light transmission. The side windows and rear window behind the driver and front seat passenger are allowed to be darker, as long as they allow 15% or more light transmission. Window tinting is also allowed on a front windshield as long as it remains above the AS-1 line on the windshield.
Anything lower than these points is a non-criminal traffic infraction.

As a final point on window tinting, the operator of a vehicle is responsible for the legality of the window tint of the vehicle that they are operating. As I have heard many times, “I bought the car like this,” is not an appropriate answer. Unfortunately, the previous owner or dealer may not have adhered to the window tint laws of our state, so be aware. Following these guidelines will keep you legal and cool. Drive careful.

Traffic Tip Tuesday 06-21-16
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