Top 3 Healthiest Diets Plan

Dieting has turned into a routine for most of us women as we are always looking for the newest way to shed those extra 10 pounds or more without starving ourselves. Dieting has become a stressful and often unfulfilling routine that keeps us hungry and stressed out–both of which are not ideal for our lifestyle and mental health. But below are the top three diets that are fulfilling in every way: healthy, filling, and savory.

Top 3 Healthiest Diets

The Mediterranean diet: this diet features food that is closest to what we eat in the U.S. so it’s often easier to adopt and stick to.  This diet focuses on heart and brain health, diabetes prevention and control , cancer prevention …  This balanced diet is emphasized by fruits, veggies, whole grains, nuts, olive oil, herbs and spices, fish, eggs, cheese, etc. Not only will you be moderating and regulating your cardiovascular and digestive system but you will also lose weight and keep it off while avoiding a number of chronic diseases.

However with any diet there are pros and cons. While the Mediterranean diet is nutritionally sound and have a plethora of diverse food and flavors, there may be a lot of grunt work with preparation and it’s moderately pricey.

The DASH diet: this diet’s main goal is to prevent and lower high blood pressure. How this works is by increasing foods we’ve always been told to eat (whole grains, veggies ,fruits , low-fat dairy, and lean protein) and getting rid of the ones we grew to love (calories and fat filled sweets and red meats) in addition to cutting back on salt. Being on the DASH diet may prove to be difficult on giving up your favorite fatty, sugary, and salty foods. The recipes are generally convenient but the consumption of alcohol is prohibited. The foods consumed on this diet will keep you full, as there is a focus on fiber-filled fruits and veggies.

While this diet is heart healthy and nutritious, the foods take a lot of time and preparation and the items are generally pricey.

The TLC diet: the Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes (TLC) diet is endorsed by the American Heart Association as a regimen that can reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease. TLC is designed to cut high cholesterol and improve your overall level. The emphasis on fruits, veggies, and whole grains is paired with the very light intake of saturated fat and salt, which is considered to be the best way to keep cholesterol and blood pressure in check and heart disease at bay. There are no signs of serious risks or side effects by being on this diet and the great thing about this diet is that the TLC eating pattern is safe for children and teens as well.

This heart healthy diet is not a fad diet at all. The downside to this diet is that you would have to decode nutrition labels on almost everything you eat and you’re on your own with how to create recipes and keep it all with the program.

The fact of the matter is dieting doesn’t need to be “dieting”. By simply eating more fruits and veggies, cutting down on sugar, and going for walks 3-4 times a week we can extend our life and protect our bodies. You don’t have to “diet” for the rest of your life but you do have to make better choices if you want to be the best your body can be. Your body is your temple and a healthy house is a happy home! As always, consult your doctor before adopting any major dietary changes.

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