Spring Hill couple arrested on drug charges

Detectives executed a search warrant last week and walked away with cocaine, marijuana, $31,000 and a Lexus.

The Hernando County Sheriff’s Office Vice and Narcotics Unit served the warrant June 22 at 10165 Bannister St. and arrested two people, according to a media statement released six days later.

David Testa, 32, was booked on three drug possession charges and Korina Wanamaker, 22, was booked on two similar charges.

Among the items seized were a 1998 Lexus sedan, drug paraphernalia, cash, three oxycodone tablets, 76.8 grams of marijuana and 1 gram of cocaine, deputies said.

Wanamaker posted bail Saturday and Testa posted bail Sunday, according to jail records.

Parent at odds with Springstead coach

Springstead High School junior Marisa Perez told school officials she couldn’t take the verbal abuse any longer from color guard coach Kristi Wahl. And that the bad blood between Wahl and her mother was boiling over to the point where the coach was taking out her anger on her.

Even the band director, Richard Dasher, admitted things were hostile.

Crying, Perez went to Principal Susan Duval and Dasher, who early last week told Perez and her mother, Lisa Perez, that he would smooth things over with the coach.

But by Tuesday, things were not better. Perez discovered she was removed from the team — leading her mother to believe that administrators determined it was easier to kick her out than tackle the problem.

“I trusted him to handle things,” Lisa Perez said. “I agreed to back off and put things aside and let him moderate and smooth things over. Instead (Marisa) is kicked off the team. (Dasher) then says the situation is too volatile and that it’s in her best interest not to be there. Well if it’s so volatile, why are they removing my daughter rather than trying to control the situation?”

On Wednesday morning, Lisa Perez returned to meet again with Dasher and Duval — this time tape-recording their meeting.

Dasher can be heard telling Lisa Perez that the practice environment was not only “very hostile,” but “worse than (he) thought it was,” and worried that if Marisa went back to practice, she’d be “walking into a hornets’ nest.”

At the beginning of the conversation, Dasher said it’s his recommendation that Marisa Perez drop this year because of too much bad blood between her, her mother and the coach. He added that he wasn’t kicking her off the squad, just saying that she “shouldn’t go” back to the squad until the next school year.

By the end of the meeting, Duval said she was interpreting Marisa’s statement to her and Dasher that she didn’t want to be on the color guard squad anymore and was quitting, and soon shortly thereafter, Duval ended the meeting.

Lisa Perezcontinued to claim to no avail that Marisa only said that because she was upset due to recent events — and not because she wanted to leave the team. When she added she would go to the practice field and confront the coach herself, Dasher warned that deputies would be called.

Despite calls to Duval’s cellphone both Thursday and Friday, she could not be reached for comment. Superintendent Bryan Blavatt, who was in Houston, said Wednesday he wasn’t privy to the situation and added he would also contact Duval to get her to make a statement.

Relations between Wahl and Lisa Perez came to a head recently, Perez said, after she reported safety and lack of paperwork concerns to the Florida Federation of Colorguards Circuit — the state oversight group for competitions.

During Wednesday’s meeting between Lisa Perez and Dasher, he called what she did “despicable” and “wrong.” He also accused her of trying to sabotage the group and added that he didn’t believe her claims that Wahl is verbally abusive to students.

“You’re the only one who says that. I haven’t heard that from anyone else,” Dasher is recorded saying.

As of press deadline, no official complaint has been filed against Wahl. Lisa Perez said her daughter went to file a bullying complaint form at the school with the anti-bullying coordinator, but couldn’t due to no one knowing where the forms are.

The online links to report bullying are also broken on the district website.

However, Lisa Perez said she’s pursuing the matter with district administration to see that the matter is handled.

“I think Marisa was removed because of feelings toward me, and that’s not fair,” she said. “The school administration should be addressing the hostile environment, which they admit there is one, instead of just kicking my daughter out, pushing this under a rug and hoping everything just goes away so they can finish out the season.”

jschmucker@hernandotoday.com (352) 544-5271

Passion to play

SPRING HILL- Balance is key in Nina Morales’ life.

Along with balancing her honors classes at Springstead High School, spending time with her family and participating at Grace Presbyterian Church, Nina, 14, also finds time to dedicate herself to another passion- violin.
Nina Morales
Nina Morales, 14, practices violin at least two hours every day at her home in Spring Hill. For the past two years, Nina has been awarded a scholarship from the Nature Coast Festival Singers.

Since taking her first violin lesson at the age of five, Nina has performed with groups such as the Nature Coast Festival Singers and the Patel Conservatory Youth Orchestra in Tampa and has trained at the University of Tampa School of Music and the New World Symphony in Miami, just to name a few.

“I just kept playing and playing. I really grew to love the instrument,” she said. “I love the sound of the violin.”

Nina’s dedication to the violin has won her numerous awards and scholarships.

For the second year in a row, she was awarded a scholarship from the Nature Coast Festival Singers. In March, she won the junior division of the Ocala Symphony Orchestra’s 20th annual Young Artist Competition.

“I couldn’t believe it. It was exciting,” she said. “You can always grow with the instrument. You can always improve on something. It’s a challenge which I like.”

When Nina isn’t practicing for hours at a time at her Spring Hill home, she studies once a week at the University of South Florida School of Music or attends music camps like the Green Mountain Chamber Music Festival at Virginia Tech University.

Nina’s mother Fe and father Jonathan said they are very proud

“She’s just surpassed every one of my dreams,” she said.

“I’m glad it’s coming out well. We wanted to put some musical culture in her life,” he said. “She provides a lot of satisfaction to a lot of people.”

Nina has high aspirations for her future as well. She wants to attend Harvard University to become a professional violinist or a genetic engineer.

“I hope I can use violin as a way to get into college,” she said. “I don’t know if I’ll use this as my career but I’ll definitely keep playing and keep it going for a long time.”

Festival of Orchids showcases diversity of the mystical plant

They came in all different shapes, colors and sizes. Some were delicate and tall while some short and splashed with vibrant colors.

Rows and rows of orchids, each unique in its own way, filled the SNPJ Lodge Saturday morning during the annual Festival of Orchids.

David Dobson, vice president of the Spring Hill Orchid Lovers club, said for more than 15 years, various club members and local vendors gather to showcase and sell a variety of orchids and planting supplies while visitors vote for the “Best in Show” orchid.

“For an orchid lover, it’s real special because you get a chance to go in and see orchids, and they also get a chance to go in and buy new ones, some that they haven’t seen,” he said.

Dobson said orchids can be found on every continent in the world, excluding Antarctica, and that diversity means each one must be cared for in a special way.

“Orchids don’t adapt to what you give them. You have to adapt what you give them to what they want and then you can get them to bloom,” he said. “Orchids have become in recent years the largest plant family there is of all the plants in the world.”

According to American Orchid Society, during the cold winters, orchids can be grown on the patio or under trees.

In places with cooler summer nights, orchids like Cymbidiums are the best while areas with warmer summer nights are perfect for Vandas and Cattleyas.

Dobson said collecting a new orchid as often as possible becomes an obsession for any orchid lover.

“Orchid growing is an addiction. They get to come in and see what there is and you’ve got to have one more,” he said. “I just enjoy the mysticism of it.”

That is certainly true in Joan Wayne’s case.

Wayne, who attends the festival every year, said she has more than 100 orchid plants around her home.

“They’re just beautiful,” she said. “I spend time at least twice a week taking care of them. It’s well worth all of the work.”

Reporter Hayley Mathis can be reached at 352-544-5225 or hmathis@hernandotoday.com.

Garden club seeks to save Spring Hill landmark

When the Mackle Brothers developed Spring Hill in 1968, they envisioned a beautiful, eye-catching entrance to attract prospective homeowners to their new community.

They came up with the Spring Hill waterfall, which for years had been dubbed, “The Gateway to Spring Hill” at the corner of U.S. 19 and Spring Hill Drive.

But even a landmark can fall victim to the bad economy.

The county parks department, which has been maintaining the water system at the site for most of the last three decades, was forced to stop doing so this month because of costs.

No longer will county staffers maintain the water pump (which can be costly when it breaks) or the chemicals or filters.

That’s bad new for the 78 volunteers of the Spring Hill Garden Club which continues to maintain the flowers and shrubs at the entrance.

There is no way the club can take on the added responsibilities of maintaining and paying for the water end of the site, said member Deborah Swanson.

Only about 20 percent of her volunteer force is active and, with the average age around 70, it is a daunting task, she said.

Swanson is asking the public for help.

At 10 a.m. Saturday, her volunteers will hold a “Save our Waterfall” rally in front of the site to bring attention to the club’s plight. The public is invited to join in, she said.

The club is also planning to start a bank account to allow public donations. It won’t be long, she said, before the aging pump gives out and needs to be replaced.

Swanson said she is not bitter with the county.

“I wish it had not happened,” she said. “But I know there are cuts all over and we just want to maintain it.”

County Commissioner Dave Russell on Wednesday believes this is an initiative for the private sector in these tough economic times. And Russell, who owns a pool company in Spring Hill, has already laid down the gauntlet.

“I’ll challenge every other pool business in Spring Hill, as my business will, to help contribute to the cause,” he said.

Russell said the lack of maintenance to the artificial waterfall will cause it to fall into disrepair and pose a health hazard to the community.

Stagnant water breeds mosquitoes and disease, he said.

At Tuesday’s commission meeting, Russell asked staff to looking into funding options and report back to the board.

County Commissioner Wayne Dukes said property owner organizations could step up and help pay to maintain the waterfall entrance, as they do with the Hernando Beach dolphin fountain directly across the street at Osowaw Boulevard and U.S. 19.

Swanson remains hopeful the community’s “gateway” will continue to function.

“It’s the only landmark, really, for Spring Hill,” she said.

Reporter Michael D. Bates can be reached at 352-544-5290 or mbates@hernandotoday.com.

Spring Hill men arrested in suspected grow house operation

Two men were arrested Friday morning after a search warrant uncovered 62 marijuana plants and a variety of prescription drugs inside a house, deputies said.

Jason Michael Duggan, 24, of 11283 Libby Road in Spring Hill, was charged with multiple drug counts, including cultivation of marijuana and possession of a controlled substance.

Michael William Ciesielski, 26, of 11963 Linden Drive in Spring Hill, also was arrested on drug charges. He is accused of assisting Duggan in the operation.

When the Hernando County Sheriff’s Office arrived at the Libby Road home, they encountered Duggan in a bedroom across from one of the grow rooms and Ciesielski in the living room, deputies said.

Ciesielski had less than 2 grams of marijuana in a plastic cup in his possession when deputies arrived, according to an arrest report.

Duggan was discovered with 25 pounds of marijuana, a marijuana grinder, a blender and mixer with marijuana residue, a digital scale and a glass pipe with residue, deputies said.

His name was the only one on the lease to the house, according to the sheriff’s office.

Duggan also had methadone, oxycodone and other prescription pills on him, deputies said.

Field tests were done at the scene to confirm the drugs in the house.

Duggan and Ciesielski were transported to the Hernando County Jail.

Duggan’s bond was set at $65,500. Ciesielski’s bond amount was $6,000.

Reporter Tony Holt can be reached at 352-544-5283 or wholt@hernandotoday.com.


Right-hander Kama Woodall fashioned a brilliant complete game, 1-hit shutout featuring 14 strikeouts against one walk, pacing Spring Hill’s Ponytails (ages 11-12) All-Stars to their second straight District 4 title Sunday afternoon over Hernando, 3-0.
Woodall was spectacular at the muggy Anderson Snow Sports Complex, limiting HYL to a dismal 1-for-20 (5 percent) effort at the plate. Only three HYL batters reached base in the 74-minute game.
“My stuff was leaning toward good,” described the 11-year-old Woodall after the game. “But our defense was awesome. It was an amazing win.”
With one out in the first inning, Brooksville’s Kelly Madden legged out an infield single between shortstop and third. The next batter, Kaeleen Koehler, reached on a throwing error, but both were left stranded with back-to-back strikeouts. In fact, Woodall’s initial 10 outs all came via punchouts.
Koehler was the only other Hernando player to reach behind a leadoff walk in the fifth.
HYL (2-2) remained in contention behind right-hander Rebecca Cozart’s mound efforts. Across the first four frames, Cozart blended her pitches, stranding runners in the second, third and fourth innings.
Spring Hill (3-0), however, repeated as champion under Head Coach Melissa Varela behind a 3-run rally in the fifth.
With Sarah Kelly (single) and Celine Kordone (error) aboard, first sacker Peyton Varela rapped an RBI double to score Kelly.
Kelli Wall, who finished 2-for-2, followed with a RBI single, 2-0.
At this point, HYL skipper Kay Cozart opted to replace her niece, Rebecca, with Alyssa Gonzalez.
Gonzalez was greeted by a Marriah Adams RBI single to close the scoring, 3-0.
Meanwhile, the Spring Hill defense remained stout converting 20-of-21 chances to complete the shutout and will advance to the Belleview Sports Complex for the Florida State Ponytails Championships on July 10. In three District 4 wins, Spring Hill outscored the opposition, 23-1.
“Winning this year was harder,” said 12-year-old Peyton Varela. “We didn’t have a lot competition last year. This year with Hernando we had to come out and play our best. We really needed Kama, but when anybody hit the ball we backed her up, too.”
“I’ve never been an all-star before,” added the 13-year-old Wall. “This is great. I thought our defense played very good. The key was the other team really couldn’t hit today because of Kama.”

Coaches’ corner

Coach Varela relished Sunday’s win.
“Winning this year was much harder,” said Coach Varela. “Even though we got down last year, we were able to fight back. This year, I was able to go with Kama all the way today, but we have four other pitchers who can do the job.”
What was the key?
“Our defense,” replied Coach Varela. “We preach on every play you’ve got to be somewhere. There are no spectators on our defense.
“Offensively, the runs we got today were huge,” she added. “This team is capable of busting out. What’s scary is we still haven’t hit as a whole like we’re capable of.”
“We battled all day,” countered Coach Cozart. “These kids have nothing to hold their heads down about. They gave everything they had.
“We needed to put the bat on the ball,” she added. “Our pitchers kept us in the game. Their pitcher was awesome. It was a great battle.”

Spring Hill 3, Hernando 1
123 456 R H E
HYL 000 000 — 0 1 2
SH 000 03X — 3 7 1
HYL – R. Cozart, A. Gonzalez (5) and C. Gonzalez.
SH – Woodall and Harvey.
W – Woodall (2-0). L – R. Cozart (1-1).
2B – P. Varela, Wall (SH).
Records – Hernando (2-2), Spring Hill (3-0).

Dixie Youth League Girls Softball Ponytails (ages 11-12) All-Stars District 4 Recap at the Anderson Snow Sports Complex in Spring Hill

Wesley Chapel 14, West Pasco 4

Spring Hill 8, Hernando 0

Hernando 6, West Pasco 1
Spring Hill 12, Wesley Chapel 1
Hernando 9, Wesley Chapel 6

Spring Hill 3, Hernando 0

Sports Editor Tony Castro can be reached at 352-544-5278 or online at acastro@hernandotoday.com.

Suspect arrested in attempted drug theft

A man suspected of trying to steal prescription medicine by threatening the victim with a knife turned himself in to authorities Thursday.

Aurelio Anthony Gonzalez, 27, of 29240 Glenwood St. in Brooksville, was booked at the Hernando County Jail on a charge of armed robbery.

Shortly before 4 p.m. Wednesday, the victim left the Hope Pain Management Clinic located at 1250 Mariner Blvd. with a prescription for oxycodone, according to the sheriff’s office.

He walked into the nearby Seven Hills Pharmacy, where he had his prescription filled, deputies said.

He encountered Krystyna Ingemi, another patient at the clinic, who asked him to sell her his pills, but he refused, according to an arrest report.

The victim continued walking and encountered Gonzalez, who pulled out a butterfly knife and told him to hand over the pills, deputies said.

The victim ran away and Gonzalez failed to catch up to him. He got into a maroon Mercury Sable, driven by Ingemi, and left the scene, according to the report.

The tag number was traced and the victim identified Gonzalez from a photo pack, deputies said.

The suspect arrived at the jail and admitted he was trying to steal the victim’s oxycodone, according to the report.


Parade Safety Needed

I am very pleased to have a parade and enjoy it every year but just concerned. While hearing about a child in Tampa being killed at a parade, I am thankful the Brooksville parade turned out safe.

The only concern is allowing just anyone to operate a vehicle in the parade and especially those on motorcycles. I watched gentlemen on motorcycles stop and let the parade get ahead than accelerate rapidly to catch up only a few feet from spectators, including small children watching. I also watched individuals doing wheelies on four-wheelers, which were also a few feet from viewers.

I only hope that the Brooksville parade doesn’t turn out tragic in the future. Hopefully, my concern will reach the organizers of the parade before next year.

James Patton

Spring Hill

Father’s House Lights

Up Neighborhood Spirit

I am sending you a letter about my parents, specifically my dad, William “Woody” Wood and Helen Wood. They have lived at 12375 Corrine Ave. in Spring Hill for 13 years.

Since my parents moved there, my father decorates his house for Christmas every year, starting at Halloween and lighting the up on Thanksgiving Day. You can find him anytime sitting on his front stairs watching and talking to all the people that drive or stop by admiring his work.

My Dad is 69 years old with eight children. When we were little he always had the Christmas spirit, and I think it’s beautiful that he now shares this with the community.

We have come from Rhode Island the last few years just to see his display. It is awesome to sit outside and meet or watch all the cars parade down the street to see the display.

Colleen Fogell

Warwick, R.I.

Solid Waste IDs

Need Re-evaluation

Awhile back when I visited the county waste and recycling facility in Ridge Manor, the annual renewal permit stickers residents were required to display on our windshields were not available for almost two years

Finally this year we got plastic ID cards designed to be hooked on to our rearview mirror, much like a handicapped parking permit. But it apparently can’t be recorded when it’s hung there so it has to be removed and shown to the attendant so he can record one’s presence with a hand held recorder.

Fine. Within a couple of months after receiving the original plastic ID card, I received a second one. When I asked the attendant as to why I got a second ID, he, of course, had no idea.

Today, I received a third ID! All have the same ID numbers on them.

Now, unless I’m mistaken (unless the county has a photo ID of me, taken secretly) for the recycling facilities purposes, I could (as any holder of this portable ID can) pass this around to whoever I choose whether they live in Hernando County or not. And whether they pay taxes in our county or not.

The window sticker was not so easily portable, being stuck to the windshield. And I can say without fear of contradiction that the cost of the stickers was a fraction of the cost of the plastic IDs.

In addition, I have made visits to the facility and on more than one occasion been behind a vehicle with an out-of-county license plate. When I questioned the attendant about it, his response was, “as long as they have the ID, they can use the facility.”

Does this make sense? Whoever came up with the plastic card idea didn’t really think this through and I bet he/she has never been to one of the county facilities to see how they actually function.

Lastly, I visited the local facility the other day and the attendant was inside of the gatehouse having lunch and just waved me through, no ID was requested. He seemed to be the only employee in attendance at the facility, when there are normally at least two or three – but never just one. No criticism of employees is intended, but management sure deserves a look-see!

Jack Jensen

Ridge Manor

Maybe Chavez Will

Donate To Rays Stadium

Well, well, well. The Rays have finally established a presence in Latin America, primarily Venezuela. They must be finding an enormous amount of talent down there. Probably better players than they could here in what used to be known as the United States. I wonder if Hugo Chavez would be willing to pay $400 million for the new stadium that the Rays insist that they need in order to be competitive.

Is there no baseball talent here in this country? Do we need to go outside for everything? Are the players from outside cheaper? What happened to our Little League players that grow up each year, or the kids who play baseball in the parks and on the school grounds

Have we restricted our kids that much that they are no longer allowed to play “America’s pastime” without it being “organized?” I’ll bet the kids in Venezuela play in every vacant field they can find. That alone would make them more talented as they have the freedom to develop through interaction with the other kids.

It’s just a shame that kids don’t gather to play ball on their own anymore, like they used to. I sure hope Hugo Chavez will donate the construction money, but I wouldn’t hold my breath.

Fred Greenwalt

Spring Hill

Between the Lines 274756

Capone’s host WPBA Qualifier

SPRING HILL – Capone’s Billiard Lounge, 10463 County Line Rd., Spring Hill, FL 34609, is hosting the 2009 Florida State Championship on Dec. 5-6. The event serves as a Women’s Professional Billards Association (WPBA) Qualifier for the 2010 US Open, and in addition to the $500 entry Fee, a minimum of $400 will be added to the purse.
All ladies are welcome to participate in the event, regardless of professional or amateur status. No membership fee will be collected by the Ladies Spirit Tour.
Players who wish to be eligible to win the paid qualifier spot, must be active “player members” of the WPBA and proof of active membership is required. WPBA dues through a WPBA sanctioned regional tour for $25. If a player chooses to pay at this event, $35 will be collected and forwarded to the WPBA.
For additional information, contact Rocky McElroy at Capone’s at 352-688-9965.

Hernando Lacrosse Club to hold free clinics

BROOKSVILLE – The Hernando Lacrosse Club would like to invite any new or returning players out to five free open clinics. The clinics will be held from 6-8 p.m. at Veteran Memorial Park every Tuesday in December (8, 15, 22 and 29) as well as a Saturday clinic set from 10 a.m.-1 p.m. or Dec. 12t.
Coaches will be on hand for our boys’ teams, youth (4th-6th grade) middle school (7th-8th grade) and high school programs.
We also will have coaches for our girls’ high school program to talk about the up coming season that begins in mid-January.
For additional information, visit www.hernandolacrosseclub.com or contact Greg Longo at 352-200-6111.

Bombers 12-Under baseball team to hold tryouts

BROOKSVILLE – The Brooksville Bombers, a 12-Under traveling Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) baseball club, will be holding open tryouts for the spring 2010 season at 10:30 a.m. on Saturday, Dec. 5, Saturday, Dec. 12. and Saturday, Dec. 19 at Anderson Snow Sports Complex fields.
Players must be born on or after May 1, 1997 to be eligible. There will be 2-3 available roster spots.
The Brooksville Bombers are coming off a successful fall season going 20-9-1.
The team will begin play in late January and play a 40-game schedule, and will be going to Cooperstown, NY for a week-long tournament in the summer of 2010.
For more information, contact John Hrobuchak at 352-238-9840 or email BrooksvilleBombers@tampabay.rr.com.

Senior softball players sought

SPRING HILL – The local Senior Softball League, or SSIL (senior softball invitational league), plays Tuesday and Thursday mornings beginning at 9 a.m. at Veterans Memorial Park in Spring Hill. Anyone interested in joining our league is welcome to come and tryout on those days. We also have a website: http://home.roadrunner.com/~ssil or a domain name; www.ssil-softball.com.
The site contains schedules, player stats, box scores, ground rules, bylaws and listings for up coming events.

Spring Hill Youth Wrestling returns

SPRING HILL – Spring Hill Youth Wrestling season runs Dec. 1 until March 18. Practices will be held Tuesday and Thursday nights at Springstead H.S. Grades K-3 will practice 6-7 p.m. Grades 4-8 will practice 7-8 p.m.
For more information, contact SHS Head Coach Swensen at 352-797-7010.

Game officials needed

BROOKSVILLE – The West Central Officials Association is looking for new and experienced football officials to work Pasco and Hernando County middle school, junior varsity and varsity contests for the 2010 season.
Tampa Bay Area Sports Officials are also seeking new and experienced flag and tackle football officials to work youth games in Hernando, Pasco and Hillsborough Counties for the 2010 flag and tackle seasons.
For more information with either association, contact Gary Stanley at 813-989-9387 or online at goldenwings57@yahoo.com.

Hernando Havoc seeks players

BROOKSVILLE – The Hernando Havoc, an under-11 travel ball baseball team, is looking for experienced players.
For a tryout, contact Steve DelGatto at 352-442-1750 or email at delgatto5@earthlink.net.

Free vessel check

HERNANDO BEACH – The U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary is offering free vessel safety checks.
The auxiliary will come to your boat wherever you keep it.
Contact Jackie at 666-7239 to set up an appointment.
For more information on the auxiliary visit online at http:/a0701508.uscgaux.info.

Rotary Club of Brooksville Golf Tournament

BROOKSVILLE – The 32nd annual Rotary Club of Brooksville Charity Golf Tournament will be held at the Brooksville Country Club at Majestic Oaks, 23446 Links Dr., on Dec. 9.
The cost is $75 per golfer and sponsorships are available for $75. This is a fundraising event to help fund the Brooksville Rotary charitable activities.
For sponsorships and golfer registration information contact the Brooksville Rotary at 796-1143 or Jerry Sheffield at 799-2265.

Learn to scuba

SPRING HILL – Learn to scuba at the Hernando County Family YMCA. Classes begin Dec. 1 and run Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 6-9:30 p.m.
This course includes six class and pool sessions for ages 12 and older in good physical health and comfortable in and under the water.
There will also be classes from 8:30 a.m-4:30 p.m. for ages 10 and older, plus open water dives on Thursday and Friday in the Gulf of Mexico or Rainbow River at $20 per day.
Upon completion of the classes persons will be certified as Open Water Scuba Diver, recognized worldwide.
The cost is $120 for YMCA members and $140 for non-members, plus $60 for use of scuba equipment.
Personal equipment, mask, fins and snorkel are not included, but can be purchased at a discount from instructors: Jack Farrell at 727-861-3483 or 800-633-1633 and Mark Butler at 352-214-1171, who are YMCA, PADI and NAUI instructors.
For additional information, contact Olivia Matles at the YMCA at 352-688-9622.

Registration for area adult baseball league

BROOKSVILLE – The Pasco-Hernando Area Senior Baseball League (PHASBL) is seeking players and teams for its winter 2009-10 season.
The league, comprised of players, aged 18 and older, is planning a 10-game schedule on Sundays, beginning Dec. 6.
PHASBL was originally conceived as a 30+ league, but the minimum age was lowered to 18 in order to give more players a place to play.
Discounts, up to $150, are available for early registration. To register or to get more information, contact Conrad at 683-1692 or online at conradbaseball@bellsouth.net.

Central DECA Clubs host Bowl-A-Thon

BROOKSVILLE – Central High School’s DECA Club will be hosting a Bowl-A-Thon at Spring Hill Lanes on Saturday, Dec. 5. Check-in begins at noon followed by bowling at 1 p.m.
The cost is $20 per bowler and includes three games of bowling, rental shoes and lunch.
DECA is a marketing organization for high-school students. Proceeds from this event will benefit DECA President Michelle Venezia’s campaign for National DECA President. Corporate lane and advertisement packages are also available.
To sign-up contact Gino Ortiz at CHS at 797-7020 or online at ortiz_e@hcsb.k12.fl.us, or Nick Catroppo at 352-585-6527 or ncatroppo@gmail.com.

Girls fast-pitch softball travel ball tryouts

SPRING HILL – Team OverDrive, formally the Spring Hill Shockers, has new coaches and a new look. Tryouts are being held at 6:30 p.m. on Dec. 1-2 at the Anderson Snow Sports Complex for girls 9-14 years of age for 10, 12 and 14U teams.
Team OverDrive is a local team looking for players who want to be a part of a team that values hard work and discipline, along with team building and having fun.
For more information, contact Melissa Varela 352-410-8138 or email her at manhattie67@yahoo.com or visit the team Web site at www.overdrivefastpitch.com.

Brooksville Bulldogs seeking players

BROOKSVILLE – The Brooksville Bulldogs, who sponsors 11-year-old and 12-year-old Amateur Athletic Union (AAU)/USSSA baseball teams, is seeking a few quality baseball players to round out their spring roster.
For information on the teams and tryout dates contact Bruce Price at 1-813-714-1054 or by e-mail at bruce67price@hotmail.com.

Bombers seek additional players

BROOKSVILLE – The Brooksville Bombers Under-11 travel ball team is seeking a few more players for its spring program. The Bombers are an Under-11 Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) team based out of Hernando County.
Players interested should contact Coach Shawn Laferty at 813-267-8530 or contact him online at claferty5@yahoo.com.