Smart Advertising Options for Local Businesses

As a local business owner, you know how important it is to appeal to your community and its needs. There are advertising options that are cost-effective and practical to keep your small business relevant. A few options are discussed here, which you can use singularly or in combination with other advertising options.

Smart Advertising Options for Local Businesses

Magnet Advertisements on Company Vehicles
Magnet advertisement panels do not harm the exterior of your vehicle. It is ideal to advertise this way because the panels can be removed and stored in a locked area when the company vehicle is not in use. The durability of magnet signage is cost-effective as exposure to extreme elements is expected. The signage is also easy to keep clean.

How many people actually leaf through the advertisements delivered in the weekly mail? More than you think. It is very much worth it to spend money on participating in mailer campaigns with local advertising companies. This gives your small business an opportunity to make itself more visible, especially when a promotional offer or discount is included in the mailer.

Free Promotional Items with Purchases
Offer small tokens of appreciation to patrons as purchases are made. Items like pens, waterproof stickers that can be placed on vehicles and even small capacity flash drives are practical. Usable items are discarded less. Kids enjoy stickers, so a waterproof option might land your sticker on the child’s backpack, jacket or even an outdoor toy.

Community Appreciation Events
Community appreciation events, offering refreshments and deep discounts, provide an opportunity for more of the local community to patronize your small business. Offer thank you bags for every purchase, in which a sticker, pen and other promotional item should be included. Your company’s branding should be on all of the materials handed out so that its name isn’t forgotten.

During the appreciation event, you could also hold a raffle for a gift card to spend at your establishment. Families in need of items from your business would appreciate being able to obtain the items needed without the added financial burden of making payments or saving for weeks to purchase them.

Closing Thoughts
With dozens of ways to advertise without it breaking the bank, your small business should have success with small hints of the business name on items like pens for in-store use, stickers to give to children and items like lanyards to hold keys. The more creative your business is with its advertising, the more memorable it is to the local community. Memorable companies are often given as referrals to newcomers and neighbors to help increase revenue.

Smart Advertising Options for Local Businesses
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