Selling Food At The Mall

If you don’t want to go through the hassle of owning a restaurant, then consider a food court kiosk. This is an easy investment to manage and care for compared to a large store. You will likely see that the number of customers will increase once they find out where you’re located depending on the service and the products that are offered.

Selling Food At The Mall

The first thing that you want to do is develop a business plan. This will show any loan companies or banks that you need to borrow money from that you are serious about your company. Since you’re starting a food kiosk, it will probably be easier to find a location in the mall instead of waiting for a store to be available that will suit your needs. Once you have the location, you need to look at the maintenance of the kiosk. How will items be kept cold and hot? Where will you keep your inventory until it’s prepared and sold? One of the ways that you can attract more customers is to offer free samples, especially if you haven’t seen the type of food that you offer in the mall.

An idea to consider would be to not limit yourself to one type of food. There is usually a large food court at most malls. Several restaurants are often available so that customers have a large selection as to what they want to eat. Think about selling seasonal foods and small gifts. This might include Christmas treats, Valentine’s Day candy or bouquets made with candy and cookies for all occasions. If you want your kiosk to succeed, try to limit the selection of items that are sold at one time, rotating your inventory so that customers have something new to look at when they shop at the mall.

Unless you have the money to get the kiosk off the ground, then you will want to talk to loan companies to borrow money. A bank might be an option as well and will sometimes offer a lower interest rate. Be prepared to show your idea and how you plan on making the money to pay back the loan.

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