Credit Card Fraud 12-20-16

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Credit Card Fraud 12-20-16

Case Number: 2016-33735
Call LEO Contact(s)
Alert Date: 12/20/2016
Business Name: Winn Dixie & Speedway
Location: Spring Hill

LEO Contact(s): Detective Junker
Short Description
Credit Card Fraud
Detailed Description
The subjects pictured below fraudulently used a credit card at Winn Dixie, 2240 Commercial Way, Spring Hill and at Speedway, 100 Mariner Bv., Spring Hill on Friday, 11/18/2016.


Healthcare Workers and Hazardous Materials

If you are a healthcare professional, such as a doctor, nurse or paramedic, you know the importance of keeping your skills up to date. This is why licensing boards require you to obtain continuing education hours as a condition of having your license renewed.

As you know, it’s important to carefully select the educational programs that you participate in. This is not only so you can continue to renew your license, but because you want to serve your patients and clients to the best of your ability. This means learning about healthcare topics that represent a particular challenge to the populations that you serve.

Healthcare Workers and Hazardous Materials

A Different World

We are living in rapidly changing times. Realistic public health and safety concerns are different from what they used to be. Some areas of concern include environmental disasters as well as the possibility of terrorism. In the latter category, concerns about chemical and radiation attacks are at the forefront of disaster management considerations.

While public officials continue to receive training in such areas, it is equally important for healthcare professionals to understand these new risks and concerns. This is particularly true for first responders, such as paramedics as well as emergency room staff. In addition, pharmacists may also benefit from this training, particularly since there may be a need for a pharmaceutical approach to treating exposure to hazardous toxins.

How Training Can Help

When you receive hazmat training through programs such as those offered by Advanced Hazmat Life Support, you’ll receive an education that is on the cutting edge of hazardous material research and knowledge. You’ll not only know how to manage emergencies that involve hazardous materials, but you’ll be able to demonstrate your knowledge through earning a respected credential.

Training Options

There are several options for getting training in hazmat health emergencies. In addition to receiving training in becoming a provider of clinical care in such situations, it is also possible to train to become an instructor of other professionals seeking to learn more about hazardous materials. In addition, some providers also offer specialized training in different aspects of this field, including disaster preparedness and radiation exposure.

Preparing for the Winter Weather Now

The local weather people are great for predicting when snow and ice might fall. However, for all of their predictions, they sometimes cannot tell ahead of time how intense the winter storms will be nor what kind of impact they will have on the local roadways. When your company has been hired to keep the wintertime roads safe, you need to get ready well before the stormy weather hits. You can prepare now by ordering supplies like new front blades for your trucks, bulk road salt, de-icing liquid, and more by going online today.

Preparing for the Winter Weather Now

Budgeting for Your Wintertime Work

One of the perks of preparing now centers on saving money. When storms approach, suppliers can raise their prices to profit from the increased demand. When you want to save money and stay on budget during this season, you can go online and find out what the prices are for rock salt and other supplies.

While the weather is nice, the prices may be at their lowest. You can place your order now and have enough to go around once the ice and snow falls without letting your budget take a hit. The chart is set up to tell you how much each quantity costs and in what quantities the rock salt is available. You can order enough to get through an entire season’s worth of storm by referring to the chart on the website.

Location and Delivery Per Pricing

Another factor that will determine how much you pay involves the location for where you are ordering the rock salt as well as to where you would like it delivered. Locations that are farther away or those places that typically see more snow and ice in the wintertime may have to pay higher prices than those places that are closer to the company or see less snow and ice each season.

You can refer to the location and delivery mandates on the chart to safeguard your budget. You can also decide if you want to pick up the rock salt yourself or have it delivered to you.

Your company is the only thing that stands between the icy roads and drivers’ safety. You can gear up now to sand down the roads and keep the highways and interstates safe during snow and ice storms by buying your supplies online now. You also can save money.

Smart Advertising Options for Local Businesses

As a local business owner, you know how important it is to appeal to your community and its needs. There are advertising options that are cost-effective and practical to keep your small business relevant. A few options are discussed here, which you can use singularly or in combination with other advertising options.

Smart Advertising Options for Local Businesses

Magnet Advertisements on Company Vehicles
Magnet advertisement panels do not harm the exterior of your vehicle. It is ideal to advertise this way because the panels can be removed and stored in a locked area when the company vehicle is not in use. The durability of magnet signage is cost-effective as exposure to extreme elements is expected. The signage is also easy to keep clean.

How many people actually leaf through the advertisements delivered in the weekly mail? More than you think. It is very much worth it to spend money on participating in mailer campaigns with local advertising companies. This gives your small business an opportunity to make itself more visible, especially when a promotional offer or discount is included in the mailer.

Free Promotional Items with Purchases
Offer small tokens of appreciation to patrons as purchases are made. Items like pens, waterproof stickers that can be placed on vehicles and even small capacity flash drives are practical. Usable items are discarded less. Kids enjoy stickers, so a waterproof option might land your sticker on the child’s backpack, jacket or even an outdoor toy.

Community Appreciation Events
Community appreciation events, offering refreshments and deep discounts, provide an opportunity for more of the local community to patronize your small business. Offer thank you bags for every purchase, in which a sticker, pen and other promotional item should be included. Your company’s branding should be on all of the materials handed out so that its name isn’t forgotten.

During the appreciation event, you could also hold a raffle for a gift card to spend at your establishment. Families in need of items from your business would appreciate being able to obtain the items needed without the added financial burden of making payments or saving for weeks to purchase them.

Closing Thoughts
With dozens of ways to advertise without it breaking the bank, your small business should have success with small hints of the business name on items like pens for in-store use, stickers to give to children and items like lanyards to hold keys. The more creative your business is with its advertising, the more memorable it is to the local community. Memorable companies are often given as referrals to newcomers and neighbors to help increase revenue.

Is a Career in Healthcare Management Right for You

You may be a doctor or nurse or do not yet have a degree for a career that is relevant to medicine, but you may be interested in pursuing a career in healthcare management. A quick glance at the headlines will tell you that healthcare is a dynamic area that is changing rapidly. Changes in healthcare provide plenty of opportunities for creative, motivated people to take part in an exciting field. A degree in healthcare management is attractive to employers and can be used in many settings such as clinics, consulting firms, government organizations, and research institutions.

Is a Career in Healthcare Management Right for You

The Difference Between Healthcare Management and Healthcare Administration
Before deciding which degree to pursue, you should consider the difference between two commonly confused terms: healthcare management and healthcare administration. The two terms are often used interchangeably, which can cause some confusion to people pursuing a career in healthcare.

Healthcare management generally deals with healthcare organizations and administration is focused directly on the staff. An administrator will use research to create strategies related to staffing needs and utilization. In a sense, administration deals with the human resources aspect of healthcare. Healthcare management is focused on the business development side of healthcare, and the professional is concerned with policy, accounting and how the facility or organization is run.

To enter the healthcare management field, you need a degree, preferably an MBA with a specialty in healthcare management. There are many options to pursue this degree online through certified institutions. GW offers an online MBA in healthcare management which will allow you to pursue your studies while you are working. This degree is ideal for people who are currently working as healthcare professionals and want to gain knowledge and skills in the business side of healthcare. This program will allow you to earn your master’s degree wherever you are.

What Courses Will You Take?
To earn you MBA, you will need to take classes in finance, ethics and project management. The classes you will be taking depend on the area of concentration, with some students focusing on health services systems, managed care, financial management, healthcare reform and legal aspects of healthcare. Students will be expected to take core courses and then choose from electives. Often degrees ae earned through examinations and a detailed thesis. You may have to have an MBA core degree with healthcare major to earn a degree in healthcare development, but every degree program is different, and it is necessary to familiarize yourself with the requirements and the structure before applying. You can read more about this degree on the web.

Look Forward to a New Career
If you have wanted to enter the business field but have an interest in healthcare or prefer a career that will focus on healthcare but from a business perspective, earning a degree in healthcare management is a solid option. The healthcare industry is a dominant force in business, finance, and government and affects the lives of every individual. Earning an MBA in healthcare management can help expand your career options and improve your earning power. With an online degree, you can pursue your present career goals while maximizing your opportunities for the future.number of prestigious institutions that offer a full course load

Dyess Heating & Air for Your Home

School is out, the pools are open, and hot weather is headed your way. Are you ready? Is your home ready? Keeping cool doesn’t need to involve running the air conditioner full-blast all summer. Here are some tips to help keep your house cool and comfortable all summer long without driving your power bills through the roof.

Keep The Air Moving

Dyess Heating & Air for Your Home

Image via Flickr by matsuyuke

If you can keep the air in your home circulating, you’ll reduce the load on your air conditioner. Install ceiling fans in the rooms where you spend the most time. Add a box fan to a window for days when it’s cool enough to open the house. A desk or clip-on fan can help keep you fresh at your desk or while you’re working in the kitchen.

Larger rooms may be more difficult to keep cool, but it’s not impossible. Add a floor-stand fan to one corner of large rooms where the air gets stale. The old-fashioned trick of putting a large bowl of ice in front of a fan does a suprisingly good job of bringing temperatures down.

Stop the Sun

According to Family Handyman, up to 30% of the summer heat that enters your home is coming in through your windows. Shades, curtains, and tinted films can cut temperatures inside your house by up to 20 degrees and save up to seven percent on your cooling bills. Pay special attention to windows that face south or west, where strong sunlight can turn your rooms into heat-producing greenhouses.

Offer Your Cooling System Some TLC

Your cooling system will be under a lot of stress during the hot summer months. Help your air conditioner run more efficiently by replacing filters monthly, cleaning intake ducts regularly, and having a professional service the equipment and clean all its inner components at the beginning of the season. According to Dyess Heating & Air, changing your filter regularly and having the system cleaned will not only help you cool your home more efficiently but will also improve your indoor air quality this summer.

Close Off Unused Rooms

There’s no point cooling rooms that no one is using. During the day, close the vents in the bedrooms and pull the doors closed. If you have other rooms that aren’t used often, close them off as well. At night, open doors and let the cooler night air flow freely through the house.

Switch Your Bulbs

Traditional light bulbs give off a surprising amount of heat, and halogen bulbs are even worse. Consider compact flourescent lights (CFLs) or LED bulbs. Not only do they use less electricity than traditional incandescent bulbs, but they give off far less heat as well.

Turn your home into a cool oasis this summer without running up massive power bills by playing it smart inside your house. Ceiling fans, window shades, fresh filters for your air conditioner, and cool-burning light bulbs should go a long way toward keeping your family comfortable no matter how hot the days get outdoors.

Waggity Wednesday 11-30-16

As you know, the Hernando County Sheriff’s Office supports responsible pet ownership. If you are contemplating a new pet, please put a considerable amount of thought and planning into that decision. Consider adopting/rescuing your next pet from a local shelter. Please be sure that all of your pets are spayed/neutered.

With that being said, we support the mission of Hernando County Animal Services to save animals and place them in responsible, loving, fur-ever homes. Today, in keeping with our policy of inter-agency cooperation, we are assisting them with posting their “Pet of the Week” in hopes of finding the pet a fur-ever home.

Tazz (shelter ID 10308866) is a senior. She was found as a stray on Barclay and Silverthorn Blvd in Spring Hill. This girl is very sweet but scared and confused at the shelter. She is quiet, there is no barking or jumping. Tazz just does not understand what happened, at one time there must have been a real home and a family in her life! Help us find Tazz a new family, a place where she can have a soft bed, company and security. This is the season of giving – why not provide a home for an animal in need? Tazz is waiting to get adopted from Hernando County Animal Services. The shelter is located at 19450 Oliver Street in Brooksville, behind the County Fairgrounds. Open Tuesday through Friday from 9:30 am – 4:30pm and Saturday from 10:00 am – 3:00 pm.Adoptions include spay/neuter, microchip, rabies vaccination and county license. Phone 352-796-5062 and email or

WANTED PERSON – Michael Alexander Tijerina

Michael Alexander Tijerina

Michael Alexander Tijerina

DOB : 06-01-1996

5’8” 125 Ibs

Spring Hill , FL

Please help us make Hernando County a safer place to live, work, and play.

If you know the whereabouts of this WANTED PERSON, notify Crime Stoppers at 1-866-990-TIPS (8477) or submit your tip via the internet at . You will remain anonymous and also be eligible for a reward up to $1,000 cash!

Thank you.


WANTED PERSON – Stephen A. Colwell

Stephen A. Colwell W/M DOB/11-21-1987

WANTED PERSON - Stephen A. Colwell

Height – 6’02”
Weight – 250
Hair – Blonde
Eyes – Blue

One Warrant

If you know the whereabouts of this subject (or have any information), please call the Hernando County Sheriff’s Office at 352-754-6830. If you would like to remain anonymous or be eligible for a reward, please call Crime Stoppers at 1-866-990-TIPS (8477). To submit a tip on line, please visit

Traffic Crash with Road Obstruction 10-24-16

Cortez Boulevard and Emerson Road

Crash is in the intersection.

Please use an alternate route or expect delays until the roadway can be cleared (usually about 30 – 45 minutes).

For a real-time look at Hernando County Traffic Accidents and Responses – please visit the following link: