Man stabbed on Dristol Avenue taken to trauma center

SPRING HILL Gaetano Spera was among the crowd playing basketball in the street in front of 4105 Dristol Ave. Thursday afternoon when a man pulled into the driveway and got out of his car and went inside. That’s when the dogs started going crazy.

“He wasn’t in there that long, maybe a good minute, minute and a half,” Spera said. “I heard yelling, a lot of yelling and doors opening.”

Running and limping the seemingly unexpected guest poured out of the house holding the side of his white shirt where a large blood stain in the shape of an hourglass was visible on the fabric.

“Blood everywhere,” Spera said.

Bystanders said the unidentified man hopped back into a burgundy, Ford Focus-type car then took off down Dristol Avenue and away from the house where prior to his arrival two women slept and three men occupied. The basketball game in the street was over and within minutes half a dozen Hernando County sheriff’s deputies, major case, and forensics units were parking underneath the hoop.

The property and home are registered as owned by John and Elizabeth De Roberts. A man who bystanders said was the homeowner arrived later to find yellow tape wrapped around his yard.

About a mile away Springstead High School athletes were running drills in the open fields under an overcast sky with the coach’s whistles blowing, and the band hitting their instruments under a metal canopy. Had the ambulance not pulled into the parking lot in a seizure of light and noise it would have been more difficult to suspect somebody was bleeding there with a possible punctured lung.

“Two adult males were inside the residence and became involved in some sort of disagreement or disturbance,” Sheriff’s Office Public Information Officer Denise Moloney stated. “One of the males allegedly stabbed the other male in the upper body. The male with the stab wound was transported to a local trauma center for treatment.”

Neither of the men has been identified as of press time, and charges are pending.

As of Thursday evening, the extent of the man’s injuries was not known, and whether or not they are life-threatening.

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