Letters of appreciation

The following are letters received from the community showing their appreciation of the physicians in Hernando County.

We are fortunate to have as our primary care physician, Dr. Simrita Sidhu, internal medicine in Spring Hill. She is prompt with her appointments and we are seldom in the waiting room very long. Her gentle bedside manner makes us feel at ease and we are never rushed. (As senior citizens, we can not be rushed.)

We leave her office knowing we have been treated by one of the most competent physicians in Hernando County. Her dedicated staff is great.

Bill & Lorraine Wheelan, Weeki Wachee

I would like to tell the entire community about my wonderful primary care doctor, Dr. Oscar Lindo, M.D. in family medicine in Brooksville. In a world where everyone is rushed, he is a caring and knowledgeable man. He really listens to his patients, never making them feel like he doesn’t have time for them. He always tries to recommend the best specialist to help with any problem outside his field.

Dr. Lindo’s caring and compassion extends beyond his office hours. He is married to a beautiful lady named Miriam, and he has three wonderful sons. His wife works with him in his office, and she, too, makes everyone feel like they are family.

Dr. Lindo speaks several languages and is able to reach out and care for so many members of the community.

I am so lucky to have Dr. Lindo for my doctor. I deeply appreciate all he has done for me and my family. My husband, Jack, passed away four years ago, and he loved Dr. Lindo like I do.

I just want to thank Dr. Lindo for all he gives and all he does. He is a remarkable man.

-Dorothy Walker


My internist is, Dr. Mohammad Joud, M.D. in internal medicine in Brooksville. He devotes several hours each month to providing care to souls who need care but don’t have money or insurance to pay for it.

I get the best care from a doctor as I probably have had so far in my life from Dr. Joud, and I have some complicated medical issues.

I know that he provides this same excellent care and gentle manner to the patients he serves at the community clinic. He, in fact, is one of the founders of the clinic, and has kept it going with his own resources and time and intelligence and kindness.

To me, he stands for all that is right about medical practice today. I am very proud to be his patient and to know of his commitments to Crescent Community Clinic.

I moved to Hernando County less than a year ago from Denver, and was very surprised and please to hear of the existence of the Crescent Community Clinic. I have heard some of the personal stories that patients pass along and I am very touched by their good experiences.

I volunteer by helping with the newsletter and some fundraising activities. I want to see more of the community involved in supporting the clinic, because it saves them government dollars and provides a positive place to live.

-Dana Bennett


Dr. Hubert Garcia, M.D., in internal medicine in Spring Hill is our family doctor and we think he’s wonderful. Our choices for medical insurance have always been based on whether he is in the plan because he and his staff is number one in our eyes.

My husband is one who minimizes his symptoms, but Dr. Hubert always reads between the lines and makes sure he prescribes the tests or treatment he needs.

I am a devotee of the Internet and often have a good self-diagnosis ready. Although he sometimes smiles at my attempts, Dr. Hubert always listens, and is willing to take time to explain what is really going on.

We both appreciate that while he is up to date on latest medical news, he also appreciates our comments. He is not one to prescribe unnecessarily.

His demeanor is professionally friendly, kind and generous. What more could you ask for from a physician.

-Robert and Cyndie Russano

Spring Hill

Dr. Adel Bishay, M.D. in internal medicine in Brooksville, is an outstanding doctor and I would like to express my gratitude to him.

I refer everyone to him and they all come back to me saying they feel that same as me, “Great Doctor, thank you so much!”

He goes above and beyond the call of duty and I think he deserves to be recognized greatly on this Doctors’ Day.

-Carole Beebe


Thank for this opportunity to thank my special doctor, Husam E. Shuayb, M.D. a gastroenterologist in Brooksville.

Dr. Shuayb arrived in Hernando County nearly 30 years ago. He is a specialist in the internal medicine and gastroenterology. He has never been one to seek the ‘lime light’, but his many and varied contributions have helped to make our community a better place to live.

Some of them, but not all, are related to medicine and his practice.

I have had the good fortune to have been one of Dr. Shuayb’s patients for many of those years. I can honestly say that I do not believe there is a better physician anywhere. So…thank you and Happy Doctors’ Day, Dr. Shuayb, may God continue to bless you.

-Alice Miller


My apologies to Dr. Mukesh Mehta, M.D. a pulmonologist in Spring Hill, I am six years late with this thank you.

After being seen by military and civilian doctors, Kendall was referred to Dr. Mehta’s care for advanced emphysema.

It was not too long before oxygen became a way of life for us. Dr. Mehta telling him to be proud he was able to go out and about with his oxygen slung over his shoulder.

My husband had a great respect and caring for this doctor and in the last days of his life, Dr. Mehta showed our family compassion and empathy.

Many Thanks for all you do for your patients and the best to you and your family.

-Audrey McNeill-Lorenz

Spring Hill

To all the physicians who volunteer their services with Crescent Community Clinic – Thank you!

Your many hours of services have saved lives. Your empathy and compassion to those in need is a beacon of hope foe the uninsured adults who otherwise would go without health care.

Crescent Community Clinic, the non-profit primary health care organization in Hernando County, will add basic dental services at the new clinic in Winchester Plaza and is grateful to the physicians who will volunteer there.

If your doctor volunteers with Crescent Community Clinic, please thank them when you go to your next appointment.

-Barbara Sweinberg


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