It’s Morphin’ Time: Spring Hill Power Rangers having fun

A month ago, Spring Hill residents had to rely on law enforcement alone to fight evil in the community.

Then, about a month ago, a group of citizens – their identities unknown to most – banded together to form the Spring Hill Power Rangers Team.

On Friday afternoon the Red Ranger, Blue Ranger, Green Ranger and Black Ranger walked through Hernando Today’s doors, giving their first media interview and demonstrating martial arts moves based on the television heroes.

“It doesn’t matter if we don’t get big,” one of the masked rangers explained. “We’re having fun, and want the community to have fun with us.”

“I think other people enjoy it more than we do,” he added.

Little is known about the group, who brush off the idea they attend Weeki Wachee High School as just a rumor. The rangers are known to frequent Taco Bell, and are beginning to appear at parties and charity events around town.

The rangers say they decided early on it’d be best not to visit banks or gas stations while morphed, being masked and all. They are hoping to “branch out” in the community, and become accepted by law enforcement and residents alike.

“We’d like the shackles to come off, to be integrated,” one ranger explained, adding they’ve posed with enthusiastic law enforcement officers.

The rangers knew they were on to something after one of their early appearances at Four Corners in Spring Hill. Overnight, the number of likes on their Facebook page jumped from about 35 to 400.

On Saturday, the group had more than 3,200 likes.

Social media is the only way to contact the group, and the page includes photos of the team around town, as well as videos of the rangers fighting “anti-heroes” such as Druach and Drake Dreadful.

The Spring Hill Power Rangers said their nemeses are separate groups that get in contact with them.

“There are a few groups we won’t associate with; they think it is a joke and just want to cause trouble,” one ranger said.

The rangers said they aim to be positive role models for kids, adding though they do “stand up against evil,” that one can’t just fight anywhere, at any time.

The rangers do have jobs, but are committed to making appearances when available.

“We don’t want to disappoint,” one ranger said.

Big plans are expected in the near future, including the introduction of the Pink Ranger, and appearances at All Children’s Hospital and church groups.

While posing for pictures outside the Hernando Today office, cars beeped and passengers yelled “Go Go Power Rangers!” in solidarity.

Two women pulled over, explaining they have an upcoming nonprofit event, and would love for the Spring Hill Power Rangers to attend.

“We have fun doing this,” one ranger said. “Not much was going on in the summer, so we decided to start something.”

The Spring Hill Power Rangers can be found online at

(352) 544-5283

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