IB Programs and the Marxist revolution

I was thoroughly intrigued by the piece by Domenick J. Maglio, traditional realist and conservative revisionist, about the indoctrinating Marxist doctrines set forth by the International Baccalaureate (IB) Program.

Reading Mr. Maglio’s analysis brought forth the image of a modern day Paul Revere, pocket Constitution in hand, shouting “the Marxists are coming, the Marxists are coming,” all while driving a non-Hybrid SUV, blasting a John Philip Sousa march and sporting a plethora of anti-Obama and “Take America Back!” bumper stickers that resemble more of a right-winged Picasso than a rear window.

Mr. Maglio’s ignorant rhetoric is reminiscent of Father Charles Coughlin, the anti-Semitic Catholic Priest, who drew upon American emotions and fears to draw opposition to New Deal programs during the Great Depression.

Fear is a powerful vehicle to further ignorance and intolerance, as Maglio’s article clearly reflects. As concerned students, parents and stakeholders in this community, I am sure you are asking the obvious. Does the IB Program truly advance a leftist agenda? As an IB teacher in the greater Tampa area, I would like to provide some insight.

I woke up this morning and felt absolutely no need to recite passages from the Communist Manifesto to acquire inspiration for the day. Nor did I feel compelled to throw darts at a life-size Joe “the plumber” poster. I certainly did not entertain the idea of attending my community HOA meeting and suggest plotting a coup of the HOA president or organize my gated community into communes.

When I review my lesson plans, they do not include any learning objectives that focus on the principles of income redistribution, advocating the merits of anarchy or evening trampling on the U.S. Constitution.

However, according to Mr. Maglio, all IB students are “indoctrinated” to learn a history from a Marxist perspective and are “being propagandized to despise their own country.” I do have a few questions for Mr. Maglio. Did he ask any students of their IB experience? Has Mr. Maglio attended IB training to verify his suspicion of Marxist driven goals? Where on the IB website does it advocate “One-World Government Rule?” What data has he uncovered to support his views?

The IB program encourages students to become well-rounded learners. Over the course of a two-year curriculum, they acquire skills, strategies, maturity, drive and initiative — American qualities. Their success in the program hinges upon their individual ability to succeed, much like the framework of a free-market system.

Nothing is given to them and yet everything is expected. They are academic entrepreneurs seeking to blaze their own path through life. They exit the program as life-long learners with a greater understanding of the “course of human events” and in possession of certain qualities that makes them not left or right but future contributors to our American society.

In closing, the only ideological conspiracy present in the IB program is the right-wing fear mongering orchestrated by Domenick Maglio as presented in his editorial “contribution.”

Thankfully, the same Constitution and republican form of government that Mr. Maglio claims to be trampled by the IB Program protects us from the unbridled passions of individuals such as himself.

Thank you, Mr. Maglio, for presenting a forum to discuss such a “heated” and “conspiratorial” topic. Free thinkers of the world, Unite!

Clifford L. Wagner

IB coordinator,

Springstead High School

IB Programs and the Marxist revolution
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