Effective Help for Joint and Muscle Pain

Humans and animals both will eventually develop at least some degree of joint and muscle pain. The degeneration of the viscous material that normally protects the bone surface in joints will happen over time, and the process can be accelerated with strenuous activities. This condition is referred to as osteo-arthritis, and the condition is extremely painful in advanced cases. As the years pass, the body is also more susceptible to muscle pain than would not normally occur in a younger individual. The typical response to this discomfort is a reduction in motion and activity which only adds a feeling of stiffness to the mix.

Effective Help for Joint and Muscle Pain

While the process of aging cannot be stopped or even slowed very much, taking a cetyl myristoleate supplement (CM0) can reduce its effects on joints as muscles somewhat. Temporary relief of joint and muscle pain can be found with the application of ointments that increase circulation or applying a source of gentle heat, but truly effective relief must come from an internal source.

CMO is made up of cetylated fatty acids from natural sources including sperm whales, beavers and mice. By combining the CMO with fatty acids and cetyl alcohol found in coconuts, the CMO molecule is formed. A 650 mg softgel taken three times each day helps to increase lubrication to achy joints and also has an anti-inflammatory effect. Since inflammation is one reason arthritis advances, taking the supplement can slow the progress of the disease. The increased lubrication within the joint makes motion easier and less painful, so there is a lower occurrence of stiff joints.

It is an unfortunate fact that horses, dogs and even cats also suffer from stiff and painful joints. Cetyl-M is widely prescribed by veterinarians to help alleviate the discomfort of elderly pets and horses. While house pets typically do not suffer from arthritis at an early age, horses are more susceptible when they experience heavy use. The supplement is available in tablet form for dogs and cats, and also in a powder that can be added to horse feed.

Growing older is not a good experience for any living being, but proper supplementation can help in reducing some of the associated pain and stiffness. Although CMO is only one of many joint and muscle pain remedies available, it has been shown to be one of the most effective.

Effective Help for Joint and Muscle Pain
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