Clearwater company seeks second hangar

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BROOKSVILLE – The Clearwater-based aircraft maintenance company tabbed to lease a vacant facility at the Brooksville-Tampa Bay Regional Airport is proposing to add another hangar to the package.

Even while Corporate Jet Solutions and Hernando County are putting the finishing touches on a lease for the free-standing building and adjacent hangar at 15421 Technology Drive, a draft is circulating that shows the company will lease another hangar.

Located at 16308 Flight Path Drive, the company plans to use the 6,000-square-foot hangar as a maintenance facility to repair and paint airplanes, according to County Commissioner Diane Rowden.

The proposed 10-year lease agreement includes a sliding rental payment schedule, with Corporate Jet Solutions paying the county $22,500 annually the first three years and the amount increasing incrementally until it reaches $26,040 the final two years.

Meanwhile, the prospective tenant and county staff have until July 5 to finalize a lease on the original complex, which includes an expansive airplane hangar and administrative building, encompassing some 25,000 square feet and both with easy access to the runway.

The lease is contingent on Corporate Jet Solutions providing details of its financial status to make sure it is capable of paying the lease and will meet certain minimum performance standards.

The initial negotiation has the company paying $1.3 million, or some $120,000 annually.

Corporate Jet Solutions became the only bidder for the site after American Aviation president John Petrick bowed out. He later said in a memo he will contest the “expedited nature of the proposal process, the completeness and viability of other submitted proposals.”

Petrick wrote that he would be willing to forego the complaint if certain conditions are met, including letting his company buy the Brooksville Air Center facility for $1.3 million immediately upon delivery of a clean title.

Rowden said Corporate Jet Solutions will be a boon for the local economy and will not affect other airport tenants because it will be bringing the existing jobs from its Clearwater location.

“It’s not taking away business already at the airport,” Rowden said.

Company vice president Bradley Dye said he plans to bring up to 20 new jobs, 300,000 gallons of new fuel sales in the first year of operation, a repair shop, flight school and hangar rentals.

County Commission Chairman Dave Russell said he anticipates the company meeting the minimum requirements.

“I’ll be certain before I sign it that it’s a good lease,” Russell said.

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