Gluten Free at Panera Bread the Secret Menu

My meeting was scheduled today at Panera Bread so I planned to eat something before I got there and then I could just grab a hot tea, but of course I left my food on the counter at my house and ended up wondering what I would do. Eating gluten-free at Panera Bread is extremely challenging and risky!

Gluten Free at Panera Bread the Secret Menu

Gluten Free at Panera Bread the Secret Menu

I’ve eaten at Panera Bread before and typically just have the black bean soup and some kettle chips. It’s pretty much playing a game of Russian Roulette because of the high risk of contamination from the bread crumbs all over the place. I would say if you are extremely sensitive, stay away from Panera.

When I got to the counter, I ordered the soup, only to find out they didn’t have it today. So I asked the lady to see the nutrition menu so I could see what other options I could have. Mainly I was looking for a salad since I wasn’t sure about anything else.

She then directed me to get my own menu from the front door. I explained to her that the nutrition is in a binder behind the counter and not on the menu. Another cashier helped her and was very friendly. While perusing the allergen list for a bit and not finding anything, I almost settled for 2 bags of kettle chips to hold me over. But, what did I notice, something called “Power Steak Lettuce Wraps.” I used to work at Panera and know that sometimes they come out with seasonal items so I asked if they had that. The girl said “Oh yeah, it’s on our secret menu.” Really? I’ve never heard of it.

After ordering the gluten-free meal, the lady asked me if I wanted a pastry or dessert to go with my meal. AND THEN came around while I was eating and offered me a bite of the pastry they were sampling for the day. I mean seriously folks, get it together!

Wait, actually one of our members at Bexa Body Fitness mentioned that they had this secret menu but I didn’t have time to look to see what is on it. Needless to say I was pretty excited. Most of the items on this menu are full of protein and veggies with limited or no carbs. Here is what is on the menu:

1. Power Breakfast Egg White Bowl with Roasted Turkey
2. Power Breakfast Egg Bowl with Steak
3. Power Mediterranean Chicken Salad
4. Power Mediterranean Roasted Turkey Salad
5. Power Chicken Hummus Bowl
6. Power Steak Lettuce Wraps

Again, I can’t emphasize this enough that there is a high chance of cross contamination at Panera and you run the risk of young teens handling your food and maybe not being as careful as they should when preparing your meal. BUT, I will say this was the best meal I’ve had at Panera in a long time. It was fantastic. The steak was tender and juicy, everything was fresh and I really enjoyed the light, refreshing meal.

Secret menus seem to be the trend and it’s no wonder why Panera jumped on board. I just wish that eating healthy wasn’t a secret and they would post these items on their regular menu for people to order from. This goes right into my post from yesterday about eating clean being a dirty concept. Why on earth are the amazing, fresh and delicious items on the “secret menu.”

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Some Home Selling Tips

Want to sell your home and get a good price for it too – then these tips will help you do just that – take a look at our great tips on doing so.

Some Home Selling Tips

Little things matter a lot

While the big picture matters, details are also important. The buyers usually look at a number of properties and weigh everything up which means that they will nitpick. So, get those maintenance jobs done that you have been avoiding such as changing that light bulb.

Each room needs to be defined

Ideally, buyers should be able to visualize themselves in each room and therefore, it is important that the purpose of each room is highlighted. For instance, get rid of the exercise equipment or work papers in your dining room.

Also, you need to de-personalize the space to ensure that the buyer is able to see the potential of the house and is able to visualize the place with own items. For instance, you should take down the posters in the bedrooms of your kids to depersonalize the space.

Give them space

Potential buyers should be able to wander around freely along with the agent. They should feel comfortable so that they can spend some time looking closely at each room in a free manner. Also, you should be prepared to answer any queries they may have. If you’re wondering who can buy my house now – then this will help.

Use the outdoor space

Outdoor spaces such as a garden can be a great selling point but these need to be groomed to attract the buyers. If your garden is an overgrown jungle, buyers will stay away from your home. An overgrown garden makes the space look smaller and forgotten about. An overgrown garden can also put off potential buyers if they have not budgeted for a gardener.

Choose a reliable buyer

Once you have received all the offers from various buyers, you need to make sure that you choose a reliable buyer. The list of safe buyers include first-time buyers, buyers with cash who do not require a mortgage and buyers who are already staying in a rented accommodation after selling their own home. However, you may not have the luxury to choose the buyer in case you do not receive enough offers.

They will always be other factors that you need to consider such as whether you already have a place to move into after selling the house and how soon you need the money.

Think about alternatives

Keep in mind that there is no guarantee that you will be able to sell your home in the current market even after employing all the above tips. However, if you are selling your house to get more space, you should take a look at the new government proposals with regards to relaxation of the current planning permissions.

If these proposals get the go-ahead the full planning permission will be needed only for homes where the extensions reach beyond 8 m from the rear wall for detached homes and 6 m for other types of homes. Currently this limit is set at three or 4 m from the rear wall.

While it is true that this will be permitted for a three-year window but it offers a great option to selling home to get more space.

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Tips for Choosing Outdoor Furniture

Just imagine, how you would like your outdoor to function! Would you prefer to turn it to a dining area on a warm summer night? Are you having plans to host a dinner party for your daughter’s birthday out there? Do you plan to incorporate a peaceful reading nook in that particular space? First, make a list of the numerous things you prefer to do with your outdoor space. Then, use it as a guide to decide on the most appropriate furniture for this space. If you plan to host evening cocktails in your 12×16 foot patio, you will not need to purchase a dining table. Go for several side tables, ample comfortable seating and a fire pit.

Tips for Choosing Outdoor Furniture

Take A Seat

Make sure you take a seat and check the comfortable levels of the seat before purchasing it. Comfortable patio furniture will be used regularly just like interior furniture. This is why you need to check the level of comfortability before purchasing such furniture.

Easy Care

Reserve the majority of your garden-side hours to enjoy the space rather than maintaining the furniture. You can do it when you purchase easy care patio furniture. This is why you need to think of purchasing teak, cedar, metal and all-weather wicker pieces as your selection of high quality luxury garden furniture. They are unaffected by whatever nature throws their way. These furniture will look wonderful for years to come.


Store the furniture in a protected location in order to enhance its durability. A garage or basement is great during the off season. Even the toughest furniture such as wrought-iron settees and teak chairs will last for a longer time if placed in a good storage space when not in use. If you have limited storage space, select patio furniture which folds easily. These furniture can be easily stored in a compact space.


Do not limited yourself to the natural tones of wood when purchasing patio furniture. Go for colourful finishes that will add beauty to your outdoor space. For aesthetic appearance and durability, add bold splashes of colours for accent pieces and cushion.


When it comes to patio furniture, you get what you pay for. Even though plastic resin chairs and side tables would look great and will keep their good looks for a year or two, these furniture will lose their vibrato colouring and become brittle over time. Shop with care, and remember to check consumer reviews and ratings before you go for a bigger purchase.


Place the furniture on an all-weather rug. There are so many quick-drying rugs on the market today, thanks to the technological advancements in the industry. A good outdoor rug will provide more comfort to your outdoors.


Look for great furniture for your outdoor. An ottoman that can double as a simple bench and an extra seating for your next birthday bash will be a great option in this regard. Similarly, an Alfresco dining table is an essential item for your outdoor space.

Six Green Ideas for an Indoor Recycling Collection Bin

When I started recycling, I didn’t go buy an indoor recycling collection bin. Maybe I will someday, but for now, we have plenty of items in the house that can be used to collect our recyclables. What are some green ideas for an indoor recycling collection bin? Look around your house; maybe you already have one of these six items that can be used when you get started recycling.
Indoor Recycling Collection Bin

1. Extra trash can. A recycling bin is essentially a garbage can that holds recyclable trash. Do you have an extra medium to large garbage can somewhere in your house? The larger the can, the longer you can go without taking it out to your outdoor bin.

2. Old milk crates. We didn’t have an extra garbage can at our house, but we did have an old milk crate that wasn’t being used at the time. It works perfectly for an indoor recycling collection bin; it’s a little on the smaller side, so we have to take it out pretty frequently, but that’s not a problem since it can be a little unsightly when it gets too full.

3. Empty plastic tote. Storage totes can work as a temporary indoor recycling bin, as well, if you can find one that isn’t full of Christmas decorations or out-of-season clothing. They have lids for keeping recyclables contained and handles to make it easier to carry to the outdoor bin.

4. Cardboard box. If nothing else, you can use a medium to large cardboard box until you are able to get a more permanent recycling container. You could even keep smaller boxes hidden in cabinets around the house for collecting smaller recyclables, like in the bathroom, for example.

5. Extra laundry hamper. An unused laundry hamper could make a great recycling bin if you happen to have one. I can picture a tall wicker hamper with a lid as a decorative addition to the kitchen or wherever you keep the recyclables.

6. Five gallon bucket. It may not look great, but if you have nothing else at the moment, an empty five gallon bucket would work to collecting recyclable trash until you can get something nicer. Plus, if the bucket still has its handle, it will be easy to carry out to the curb.

New Ways to Use Tin Cans at Home

At the beginning of the year, I decided to be more conscious of the things I throw away. Once I started, I realized that I was tossing out some pretty good stuff that could be repurposed for something entirely different than its original purpose. Tin cans have turned out to be the most versatile of all. I am honestly amazed at how many ways you can repurpose a tin can! It’s very simple to fix them up and make them absolutely unrecognizable as a tin can too.

Use Tin Cans

How to prepare tin cans for use

Before reusing tin cans for any purpose, remove the lid and sand down any rough edges. Remove the label and wash the can thoroughly. Dry completely. When ready, you can spray paint the tin can a nice color, or even cover it with heavy-duty craft paper. Embellish with ribbon, craft tape, or other accents.

Once you begin collecting tin cans for a future purpose, you’ll see that you go through a lot of them. I was shocked at how quickly mine added up. And because there are many different sizes of cans, they can each be reused for something different. Here are some ideas for you to start.

Candle holder – 30 ounce tin cans, like those that hold spaghetti sauce or whole tomatoes, work great as a candle holder. Before fixing up the can for decorating, drill holes in the can to release a pretty light pattern as the candle burns.

Luminaries – Keep bugs away by placing citronella candles in small tin cans outdoors. Or, use larger cans to line walkways, driveways, or walking paths at night. Again, drill holes all around the can so that it releases the light.

Table centerpiece – Need a quick centerpiece idea? Cover several tin cans in pretty craft paper and add a few flowers to each one. Arrange a line of cans down the middle of the table, and you’re done. You’ll be surprised at how pretty the finished product looks. You can also repeat this look on top of the fireplace mantel.

Craft organizers – Need a place for the kid’s crayons, scissors , markers , and other craft supplies? Paint several tin cans bold primary colors, and decorate them with letters and numbers. Use the cans to keep all art and/or craft supplies attractively organized. This idea works for adult crafters, too!

Cutlery coral – It’s a simple way to use tins cans, a piece of wood, and a strip of leather to form a portable cutlery holder. It’s bright and pretty, and made of 100% recycled materials. Love it!

Cotton ball and Q-tip holder – Old tins cans are just the right size for holding cotton balls, Q-tips, gauze pads, band aids, and other small items in the bathroom.

Outdoor planters – Drill holes in the bottoms of lots of different tin cans, and bracket them to a oversized piece of plywood. Plant your favorite plants or flowers in the tin cans, and voila! A living wall filled with an assortment of outdoor planters.

Birdhouses – Give our feathered friends a place to nest with an adorable tin can birdhouse. These adorable birdhouses hang from branches in the backyard, and only use a handful of materials to make. Ribbon, an old tin can, paint, and a dowel rod are all you need.