4 Reasons You Should Learn to Relax

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Relaxation seems to be a foreign word in the modern world. Everyone is living a life of chaos and unpredictable stress. But you often forget why you should relax, breathe, and be calm in the first place. The following reasons are here to remind you why stressing less, disconnecting your mind, and relaxing are good ideas.

4 Reasons You Should Learn to Relax

Stress is a Silent Killer

After completing courses on neuroscience curriculum development, scientists have gone on to discover that stress is linked to erratic behavior, panic attacks, physical upset of extremities, and numerous other horrible health conditions. Not to mention a few mental health conditions that could otherwise be avoided. However, their biggest discovery was the correlation between stress and your heart. Over time, too much stress can put too much strain on your internal organs, literally draining years off of your lifespan. So, to avoid a heart attack, relaxation and a stress-free lifestyle is absolutely key.

It Feels Better to Take Everything in Stride

Stressing less feels so…free. It feels like your body and mind are relaxed and soothed. And you find yourself taking everything in stride as it comes. You roll with the punches, as the old saying goes. Therefore, your body is able to adapt better when stressful situations wind up getting the best of you. Which does happen occasionally, even if you have been diligent about never, ever allowing stress to overpower your emotions.

Mini Vacations Are Life Essentials

Vacations save your mind from everyday stress. They are the pentacle of your work days, as you’ve probably noticed how often you build “vacation time.” So take them—often. Even if you are going on a simple weekend trip to somewhere quiet, or barricading yourself in the comforts of your home. Take time away for yourself whenever possible. It will help you better cope with anything stressful going on within your life.

Life is Better Lived Without Stress and Hassle

This is a simple motto and one you should take to heart. Life is indeed better lived without stress and hassle, so try to avoid it. Find a hobby, go for a walk, try out a new sport, or read an amazing book. Spend time with your loved ones, eat some awesome chocolate, and live your life like you are free of anything that could bog you down.

Breathe and relax. Sometimes it’s that simple. As you’ve read, there are many ways in which relaxation can improve your life. While, on the flip side, there are many ways stress can be detrimental to your healthy. Take the healthy route, and refer to this article whenever you need reason to unwind.

Saying Good-Bye To Mosquitoes

Saying Good-Bye To Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes are pesky insects that buzz around, land on you and bite without warning. They can carry diseases and leave red bumps on the body. Short of staying inside all the time, there are a few ways to keep mosquitoes away from the home so that you can stay comfortable while being outdoors.

Saying Good-Bye To Mosquitoes

Lighting a citronella candle is perhaps the best thing that you could do to deter mosquitoes from the home. You can make candles yourself with a tin can and citronella wax. You can also add other scents, such as lavender, that will also distract the insects, leaving you alone while you enjoy time outside.

Get a few ribbons to hang around the outside of the home. Spray a small amount of lavender oil on each ribbon. This will help to keep the bugs from swarming. It’s best to keep them near windows and near places where you might see moisture or plants that mosquitoes are naturally to so that they smell the lavender and tend to leave instead of stay. Body oil is also an option, especially if you plan on being outdoors for an extended period of time. Combine about 30 drops of the oil to about two tablespoons of olive oil. Rub the oil onto areas where you’ve been bitten or on the skin where mosquitoes are prone to bite.

There are some sunscreens that have bug repellent in them. These are ideal for spending time at a pool or at a lake. Make sure you keep applying the sunscreen to the body every hour or as recommended. Not only will the sunscreen help to fight off bugs, but it will also help to keep you from getting sunburned.

One of the times when you might see mosquitoes more often is when you are grilling. One way that you can keep mosquitoes away is to put a bit of rosemary on the grill while you’re cooking. The herb also makes your food taste a bit better along with the charcoal taste or even the flavors from the propane. Another food item that you might want to use is garlic. You can eat garlic by itself or hang it around the house to ward off mosquitoes. If you eat it, then the mosquitoes will sense the odor that is there in the body when they get near you, which keeps them from biting as much as they would.

If you want a more effective method in preventing mosquitoes you can opt in into hiring a professional mosquito control expert like Mosquito Squad of Chapel Hill, Durham and Burlington. They can provide all natural mosquito control like barrier spray that kills mosquitoes on contact and works continuously for 3 weeks.

How Public Administration Impacts Healthcare

How Public Administration Impacts Healthcare

There is a lot to be said for wanting to have a say in the way that the world turns. The world is changing faster than it ever has before, and a lot of this is due to the interconnected nature of society thanks to the internet. While it might be hard to keep up with all of the changes that are happening on a daily basis, there are a few simple ways that you can try to make a serious difference. First, it is important to think about your career and where you are headed.

How Public Administration Impacts Healthcare


Understanding the various industries that exist can help you to find a path that will make the most sense for your future. For example, a career in public administration can wind up having more of a profound impact than you might have first imagined. Click here to explore options for your education and to discover more information about what it takes to become a public administrator. Having a voice in the government can allow you control over many interesting areas, including the healthcare industry. Take a moment to look over some of these interesting ways you can make a difference.

Social Engagement

Healthcare is a very interesting industry. Recent years have seen a huge shift in how this field works, including the way that patients interact with healthcare providers and how people go about finding the best fit for their insurance needs. While it all might seem a bit confusing, especially with the federal government changing up the system every couple of years, there are a few ways for people to have control over what is happening. The shifting industry might seem like it is changing without say from the people, but that is not exactly the case.


It is the responsibility of men and women in the field of public administration to make the right changes for the people that they represent. Qualified individuals will enter this field and start working on a way to bridge the gap between the people and the providers. As policies change, people begin to get restless about what this will mean for the future. Instead of throwing constant changes at them, it is important for an administrator with experience to analyze the needs of the people and report back to those who are in charge of having the final say.

Outside the Box

Public administrators have to do a lot, and this is largely because of how much is involved with this line of work. When you take a moment to learn more about what a public administrator actually does, you will be able to see why it is such an important career to explore. In order for the world to change in positive ways, it is important that people with strong critical thinking skills enter the industry. Imagination is a key trait required to be successful in this field, and there is good reason for this.


Being able to think outside the box is crucial for public administrators because it helps them to explore possibilities that have not yet been considered. If administrators entering this industry only followed the path of their predecessors, nothing would change. Since this industry is always shifting, it is important that people entering it have a good idea of how to repeat what was successful about the past while also coming up with innovative ways to face the future needs of the people.

Begin Today

When it comes to having an impact on the future of the world, there are certain careers that stand out above the rest. Take a moment to research how public administration can be a good fit for your future. If you think you could have a strong voice in the system and enact positive and imaginative changes, then find the right educational program for your needs and get started as soon as possible.



5 Reasons You Might Need to See A Doctor Right Away

Illness and injuries are a part of life and happen to people every day. Not every situation requires having to see a doctor, but there are times when it is in the best interest of you or a loved one to seek out immediate medical advice. Below are five of the more important times to seek out a medical professional.

5 Reasons You Might Need to See A Doctor Right Away

Unusual Pain and Swelling After an Injury

It is not unusual to experience an injury, such as twisting an ankle, falling on your wrist, or twisting a knee and feel that everything is perfectly fine at the time. Hours later you could be experiencing increased levels of pain or swelling. This is an indication of a more serious injury and should be looked at by a medical professional. you could have a strained ligament, tendon, muscle of broken bone. It is prudent to have it checked and an x-ray taken to eliminate broken bones and fractures.

Any Hard Bump to the Head

A hard bump to the head can seem unimportant at the time, but a severe concussion or brain bleed can result in a life-threatening situation, if left untreated. If a blow to the head is followed by blurred vision, headaches and nausea, immediate treatment should be sought. You can rest easier knowing that you or loved one are fine.

Unusually High Fever

If you experience a fever of 104 degrees and higher you should seek medical treatment. High fevers can be serious in both adults, as well as children. Not to mention, high fevers make you uncomfortable, experience higher levels of pain and are a sign of illness, or infection. The sooner the problem can be diagnosed and treatment started, the faster you will recover.

Serious Burns

Burns by hot liquids, chemicals or the sun can be more serious than they appear initially. You can have second or third degree burns and not realize it right away. It often takes a few hours for the full extent of the damage to become noticeable. Serious burns can get infected. This is one time you need to make sure and have a doctor see the extent of the injuries and begin a course of treatment.

Uncomfortable Chest and Sinus Congestion After Hours

Being all stuffed up and having a hacking cough can make it difficult, if not impossible to sleep. Chest congestion can easily turn into pneumonia when the right conditions are met. You need to seek medical treatment for congestion that lasts longer than a few days and seems to be getting worse over time.

Visit a 24 hr emergency clinic Spring Tx if you have experienced any of these injuries or symptoms.

Health Matters 101: How To Improve Your Level Of Wellness

Health is an important issue to discuss because maintaining it ensures that you can lead a happier, more fulfilling life. Unfortunately, many people lack basic information regarding what strategies they should be implementing for the purpose of optimizing their level of wellness. If this is your issue, this article is the solution. Use some or all of the techniques listed below so that you can attain a greater level of physical and mental well-being:
How To Improve Your Level Of Wellness

1. Take Care Of Your Teeth.

One technique you need to implement for the purpose of feeling and looking your best is taking care of your teeth. In addition to enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your face, taking care of your teeth decreases your susceptibility to debilitating conditions such as heart disease. Flossing and brushing your pearly whites at least two times per day is a great way to get the oral hygiene optimization process underway. Also note that if you need to find a dental implants Charlotte NC company, the professionals of Charlotte Dental Partners can assist you.

2. Recognize And Reduce Stress.

Excess stress is a horrible reality that can make you susceptible to numerous debilitating conditions. Some of them include obesity, heart disease, depression, and acne. Luckily, learning how to recognize and reduce stress is a wonderful way to ensure that you remain on the road to excellent health. There are many strategies you can implement to fight stress. One of them is journalling regularly. Another is obtaining a monthly massage. Working out is another wonderful stress-buster, and there are a wide range of exercises you can engage in to bring down your level of anxiety. Some of them include:

• weight-lifting
• jump rope
• basketball
• swimming
• cycling
• tae-bo
• yoga

3. Optimize Your Relationships.

Another health-building strategy you should be aware of is the value of optimizing your relationships. This technique is empowering because being around happy people who think positively and support you can improve your mood and boost your self-confidence. With this reality in mind, be sure to periodically evaluate your personal and professional relationships. In some cases, it may be necessary to end a relationship that is unhealthy!

Start Optimizing Your Health Immediately!

If you’re ready to get healthy in 2017, don’t procrastinate. Instead, refer to the wellness-enhancing tips outlined in this quick reference guide so you can begin leading the absolutely amazing life you deserve to have!

Wellness Optimization 101: Get On The Road To Great Health Right Now

Individuals who are tired of being sick and lacking energy should know that they don’t have to remain in a diseased state. By accessing proven wellness optimization strategies, you can start getting healthy so that you can lead the amazing life that you deserve. Review the data found in this quick reference health guide to start the process immediately:

Get On The Road To Great Health Right Now

1. Locate The Perfect Doctor.

Although it’s ideal to remain in a state of excellent health which makes it unnecessary for you to visit the doctor, it’s also important to remember that knowing who to call if you do become ill is imperative. If something happens, you want to know that your physician will be able to provide you with the cutting edge, customized services and strategies necessary to restore your health with skill and speed. Individuals who are in need of an open MRI New Jersey physician should know that the professionals of Middletown Medical Imaging can assist them.

2. Invest In A Facial.

Another wellness strategy that can work wonders for your mental and physical well-being is investing in a facial. Facials are absolutely amazing because they have the power to correct unwanted skin issues such as acne, hyperpigmentation, and wrinkles. As such, getting a facial each month can greatly enhance your self-esteem, a factor that can contribute to overall mental health. Additionally, facials can have a profoundly positive impact on your physical health. The massaging motions that sometimes take place during the facial can promote better circulation of blood. Also note that many facials help remove bacteria and toxins from the skin.

3. Sleep Well.

Getting enough sleep plays an integral role in determining what level of health you’ll attain. Failing to attain enough sleep can engender numerous unwanted outcomes, some of which include poor concentration and weight gain. If you have trouble sleeping at night, consider the value of implementing a mantra meditation practice right before you go to bed. Doing so can promote a feeling of deep calm that makes it easier to fall asleep.

Don’t Delay: Start Focusing On Wellness Today!

Individuals who are serious about getting and remaining well should know that they can realize the objective by implementing strategies that are known to work well. Three strategies you may find particularly beneficial include locating the perfect doctor, investing in a facial, and sleeping well!

Top Types of Workers Compensation Insurance

As the owner of a small business operating in the United States, you must have workers compensation insurance to protect every member of your staff. Experts generally recommend that you have enough coverage to pay for both the medical bills after an accident as well as the lost wages that worker will suffer from until he or she can come back to work. Every time that you pay your premiums on time, the insurer will continue your coverage. You can opt for micro captives and other options based on the type of coverage you need. Every business in the country needs some type of workers compensation.

Top Types of Workers Compensation Insurance

Medical and Rehabilitation Insurance

When most employers think about workers compensation, they think about the insurance that covers medical and rehabilitation costs. When a worker suffers an injury on the job, he or she will need to see a doctor. That worker may come back the following day or a few days later. With more serious injuries, the worker may need physical rehabilitation for weeks or even months before that employee can do his or her job again. Your insurance policy should cover all the medical expenses that employees have after an accident.

Disability Insurance

Not all types of injuries sustained on the job are those that employees can recover from in the short or long run. There is a risk that an injury may disable a worker, which will leave him or her unable to work. Your policy should cover both permanent and temporary disabilities. A temporary disability can affect a portion of the body or the entire body. It will leave an employee off work for a few months or longer. A permanent disability can also affect one section of the body or the whole body, but it will leave employees unable to work for the rest of their lives.

Death Benefits

Though no one likes to think about it, accidental deaths can happen on any job site. A worker might die because a piece of machinery malfunctioned or because of a car wreck that occurred while driving a work vehicle. Workers compensation policies must always include death benefits that go to the family of that worker. You may purchase additional insurance on employees too. If you have any questions about buying a workers compensation policy, you can talk with a provider about what your company needs.

Healthcare Workers and Hazardous Materials

If you are a healthcare professional, such as a doctor, nurse or paramedic, you know the importance of keeping your skills up to date. This is why licensing boards require you to obtain continuing education hours as a condition of having your license renewed.

As you know, it’s important to carefully select the educational programs that you participate in. This is not only so you can continue to renew your license, but because you want to serve your patients and clients to the best of your ability. This means learning about healthcare topics that represent a particular challenge to the populations that you serve.

Healthcare Workers and Hazardous Materials

A Different World

We are living in rapidly changing times. Realistic public health and safety concerns are different from what they used to be. Some areas of concern include environmental disasters as well as the possibility of terrorism. In the latter category, concerns about chemical and radiation attacks are at the forefront of disaster management considerations.

While public officials continue to receive training in such areas, it is equally important for healthcare professionals to understand these new risks and concerns. This is particularly true for first responders, such as paramedics as well as emergency room staff. In addition, pharmacists may also benefit from this training, particularly since there may be a need for a pharmaceutical approach to treating exposure to hazardous toxins.

How Training Can Help

When you receive hazmat training through programs such as those offered by Advanced Hazmat Life Support, you’ll receive an education that is on the cutting edge of hazardous material research and knowledge. You’ll not only know how to manage emergencies that involve hazardous materials, but you’ll be able to demonstrate your knowledge through earning a respected credential.

Training Options

There are several options for getting training in hazmat health emergencies. In addition to receiving training in becoming a provider of clinical care in such situations, it is also possible to train to become an instructor of other professionals seeking to learn more about hazardous materials. In addition, some providers also offer specialized training in different aspects of this field, including disaster preparedness and radiation exposure.

Preparing for the Winter Weather Now

The local weather people are great for predicting when snow and ice might fall. However, for all of their predictions, they sometimes cannot tell ahead of time how intense the winter storms will be nor what kind of impact they will have on the local roadways. When your company has been hired to keep the wintertime roads safe, you need to get ready well before the stormy weather hits. You can prepare now by ordering supplies like new front blades for your trucks, bulk road salt, de-icing liquid, and more by going online today.

Preparing for the Winter Weather Now

Budgeting for Your Wintertime Work

One of the perks of preparing now centers on saving money. When storms approach, suppliers can raise their prices to profit from the increased demand. When you want to save money and stay on budget during this season, you can go online and find out what the prices are for rock salt and other supplies.

While the weather is nice, the prices may be at their lowest. You can place your order now and have enough to go around once the ice and snow falls without letting your budget take a hit. The chart is set up to tell you how much each quantity costs and in what quantities the rock salt is available. You can order enough to get through an entire season’s worth of storm by referring to the chart on the website.

Location and Delivery Per Pricing

Another factor that will determine how much you pay involves the location for where you are ordering the rock salt as well as to where you would like it delivered. Locations that are farther away or those places that typically see more snow and ice in the wintertime may have to pay higher prices than those places that are closer to the company or see less snow and ice each season.

You can refer to the location and delivery mandates on the chart to safeguard your budget. You can also decide if you want to pick up the rock salt yourself or have it delivered to you.

Your company is the only thing that stands between the icy roads and drivers’ safety. You can gear up now to sand down the roads and keep the highways and interstates safe during snow and ice storms by buying your supplies online now. You also can save money.


Brooksville- The Florida Department of Health in Hernando County encourages residents to exercise caution to prevent illness and injury after flooding. Tips to keep families safe include:

Food safety: Preventing foodborne illness
• Individuals should not eat any food that may have come into contact with contaminated water from floods or tidal surges.
• Commercially prepared cans of food should not be eaten if there is a bulging or opening on the can or the screw caps, soda pop bottle tops, or twist-caps.
• Undamaged, commercially canned foods can be saved if you remove the labels and then disinfect them in a solution of ¼ cup of bleach in one gallon of water; re-label the cans including expiration date and type of food. Assume that home-canned food is unsafe.
• Breastfeeding is preferable but if not possible, infants should be fed only pre-prepared canned baby formula when flooding exists. If mixing formula is a must, use sterile water.
• Frozen and refrigerated foods can be unsafe after power outages. When the power is out, refrigerators will keep foods cool for only about four hours. Thawed food can usually be eaten only if it is still “refrigerator cold.”
• When discarding raw or spoiled food products keep them separate from yard debris and\or construction materials. It may be a few days until these items can be picked up: raw garbage can create odors, attract insects, bugs and wild animals which can serve as harmful vectors for disease. Place discarded raw food or spoiled foods into double bagged bags.

Sanitation and Hygiene: Preventing waterborne illness
• Basic hygiene is very important during this emergency period. Always wash your hands with soap and water that has been boiled or disinfected before eating, after toilet use, after participating in cleanup activities, and after handling articles contaminate the floodwater or sewage.
• Flooding that occurs after heavy rain may mean that water contains fecal matter from sewage systems, agricultural and industrial ways, and septic tanks. If you have open cuts or sores exposed to the floodwater, keep them as clean as possible by washing them with soap and clean water. Apply antibiotic ointment to reduce the risk of infection. If a wound or sore develops redness, swelling or drainage, see a physician.
• Do not allow children to play in floodwater. They can be exposed to water contaminated with fecal matter. Do not allow children to play with toys that been in floodwater until the toys have been disinfected. Use ¼ cup of bleach in one gallon of water.
• If you get your drinking water from a private well and you live in an area that has experienced flooding:
o Disinfect your well using the procedures available from your local health department, or provided on the Florida Department of Health website at:http://www.floridahealth.gov/…/well-water-facts-disinfectio…; and
• Have your water tested by your local health department, or by a laboratory certified by the State to do drinking water analyses.
• If your water system is under a boil water notice:
o Boil the water before drinking, holding it in a rolling boil for one minute, or
o Disinfect it by adding 8 drops of plain unscented household bleach per gallon of water, and then let it stand for 30 minutes (you can estimate 8 drops by pouring a dime-sized puddle in the bleach bottle cap). If the water is cloudy after 30 minutes, repeat the procedure; or
o Use bottled water for drinking.

If Your Home is served by a Septic Tank:
• If your plumbing is functioning slowly, you should conserve water as much as possible. Minimize the use of washing machines and flush toilets only as necessary. Utilize portable toilets where provided. Fix any plumbing leaks as soon as possible.
• DO NOT have your septic tank pumped until the soil surrounding the tank is dry. When the ground is saturated with water, the tank might collapse if it is pumped dry. If the problem is the high water table, pumping the tank will not help.
• Do not have your septic system repaired until the ground has dried up. Septic systems are generally functional once flood waters go down. Remember – if your system was damaged, repairs must be permitted and inspected by the county health department.

How to Clean Up Sewage-Contaminated Items:
• Walls, hard-surfaced floors, and many other household surfaces should be cleaned with soap and water and optionally disinfected with a solution of ¼ cup of bleach to one gallon of water. Do not mix ammonia cleansers with bleach as toxic vapors will form. Wash all linens and clothing in hot water, or dry clean them. Items that cannot be washed or dry cleaned, such as mattresses, carpeting and upholstered furniture, should be discarded. Protective clothing such as rubber boots and waterproof gloves should be worn during cleanup. Remove and discard contaminated household materials that cannot be disinfected, such as wall coverings, cloth, rugs, and drywall. Once cleanup is complete it is important to dry out affected items to prevent the growth of mold.

To Protect Against Health Risks Associated with Mold:
• Remove standing water from your home or office.
• Remove wet materials.
• If mold growth has already occurred, carefully remove or clean the moldy material.
• Consider using personal protective equipment when cleaning or removing mold – gloves, goggles and an N-95 particle respirator (found at most local hardware stores). Check with a health care provider before wearing a respirator. Do not use a respirator if you have heart disease or chronic lung disease such as asthma or emphysema.
• Individuals with known mold allergies or asthma should not clean or remove moldy materials.

Power Outages: Preventing fire hazards
• Using battery-powered lanterns and flashlights is preferable.
• Never use candles.
• Until your electrical service is restored, protect yourself from carbon monoxide (CO):
o Do not burn charcoal or gas grills inside a house, garage, vehicle, tent or fireplace.
o Do not use gas-powered generators or pressure washers indoors, not even in the garage.
o If you suspect you are experiencing any symptoms of CO poisoning, open doors and windows, turn off gas appliances and go outside. In cases of severe CO poisoning, call 911 emergency services or the Florida Poison Information Center at 1-800-222-1222.
o For more information about indoor air quality, contact the Florida Department of Health’s Indoor Air Toxics Hotline at 800-543-8279 or visit the Department of Health website at http://www.floridahealth.gov/…/indoor-air-quality/index.html.

Preventing Mosquito-borne Illness
• Heavy rains and flooding can lead to an increase in mosquitoes. Mosquitoes are most active at sunrise and sunset. Public-health authorities will be working actively to control the spread of any diseases transmitted by mosquitoes.
• To protect against mosquitoes, DOH urges the public to remain diligent in their personal mosquito protection efforts.
o Drain — Check your home to rid it of standing water in which mosquitoes can lay their eggs.
o Cover — Wear clothing that covers skin.
–When the potential exists for exposure to mosquitoes, cover skin and treat clothing with repellents containing DEET (N,N-diethyl-meta-toluamide, or N,N-diethyl-3-methylbenzamide). Products with concentrations up to 30% DEET are generally recommended for most situations. (It is not recommended to use DEET on children less than 2 months old. Instead, infants should be kept indoors or mosquito netting used over carriers when mosquitoes are present). If additional protection is necessary, apply a permethrin repellent directly to your clothing. Always read the manufacturer’s directions carefully before you put on a repellent.
–Cover open windows and doors with screening. Repair holes to keep mosquitoes outside.

Tips on Eliminating Mosquito Breeding Sites
• Clean out eaves, troughs and gutters.
• Remove old tires or drill holes in those used in playgrounds to drain.
• Turn over or remove empty plastic pots.
• Pick up all beverage containers and cups.
• Check tarps on boats or other equipment that may collect water.
• Pump out bilges on boats.
• Replace water in birdbaths and pet or other animal feeding dishes at least once a week.
• Change water in plant trays, including hanging plants, at least once a week.
• Remove vegetation or obstructions in drainage ditches that prevent the flow of water.

With the amount of debris left by a flood, Floridians working on clean-up efforts are at increased risk of sustaining breaks in the skin, cuts or puncture wounds. Tetanus bacteria are found in soil, dust and manure and can enter the body through these openings.
• Under normal conditions, all individuals should get a tetanus/diphtheria/pertussis (Tdap) every ten years.
• If you sustain any type of wound you should wash it thoroughly and contact your health care provider.
• Your health care provider will assess if you need a tetanus booster.

Animal Bite Prevention:
• Caution and alertness around unfamiliar animals is always a good idea. In general, do not approach animals, particularly wild or injured animals. If you are bitten, wash the wound thoroughly and contact your health care provider and animal control.
• A walking stick 5 to 6 feet long may be an effective tool for keeping animals at bay while working your way toward a vehicle or other means of escape.
• A walking stick is also good for moving objects which might hide a snake, scorpion or spider.

For further information, please contact the Hernando County Environmental Health Office at 540-6800.

About the Florida Department of Health
The department, nationally accredited by the Public Health Accreditation Board, works to protect, promote and improve the health of all people in Florida through integrated state, county and community efforts.
Follow us on Twitter at @HealthyFla and on Facebook. For more information about the Florida Department of Health please visitwww.FloridaHealth.gov.