Brooksville Mary Kay consultant earns Chevy Cruze

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When Anastasia Alaimo arrived at Register Chevrolet last Wednesday to pick up her 2013 Chevy Cruze, she didn’t come alone. Her mother, father and husband were also there to offer their congratulations for an event that was much more than what it appeared.

Alaimo’s new Cruze wasn’t a purchase but a reward for meeting specific goals in her business that began as an independent beauty consultant for Mary Kay Cosmetics.

Three of her unit members, who helped Alaimo obtain her first vehicle goal, were also on hand. They were witnessing the realities of climbing quickly in a company that has been motivating women for decades.

Alaimo was calm as she spoke of the past five months that got her to this point. She smiled warmly when she remembered being encouraged to take a second look at Mary Kay after having a party and seeing the $100 starter kit, filled with $400 worth of products. She immediately purchased the kit.

“Little did I know that the $100 investment would lead me to where I am now,” she added.

She was struggling at the time with her work environment in the funeral industry and had been on the fence about changing focus. At the same time Mary Kay fell into her lap, she was also building a business of her own, called Baby Bellies, and performing karaoke gigs on the weekends.

It was her mentor, Beth Bailey, sales director, who taught her the ins and outs of the business and Jamie Cruse Vrinios, national sales director, who propelled Alaimo forward.

“She is our daily mentor,” Alaimo said. “I couldn’t do it without her. The leadership in our area is tremendous.”

Alaimo also expressed her comfort with Mary Kay being backed by a spiritual foundation. Alaimo is very strong in her Pentecostal faith and Mary Kay’s motto is “God First, Family Second, Career Third.” She knew it would be perfectly suited for her.

Before long, Alaimo had begun building a foundation under the Mary Kay umbrella, securing team players who were as motivated and goal driven as she was. Currently her unit has reached 70 members. She was only required to have 14 to earn the 2013 Chevy Cruze. Alaimo did it in four months and is already qualified for her second vehicle, a Chevy Equinox that she will pick up in December. Alaimo has also reached the top 2 percent of the company by becoming a sales director after just five months from signing her agreement.

“When you get into Mary Kay you actually build your own unit,” she explained. “It is my passion to teach women how to work this business and elevate them to the top 2 percent of the company faster than I did.”

Alaimo credits her team with her amazing success that she said isn’t at all unobtainable.

“Large goals are much easier to accomplish when you have a team working towards the same level of success,” she added.

Mary Kay Cosmetics was founded 50 years ago by Mary Kay Ash, an entrepreneur with a vision that inspired women across the world. The company has with more than 2.5 million independent beauty consultants selling more than 200 premium products in 35 different countries. Mary Kay’s philosophy is to follow the Golden Rule.

“When approaching people, do so as if they have a sign around their neck saying, ‘Make me feel important,’?” Alaimo said.

Alaimo found out the mission isn’t just good marketing but a chance to impact the lives of many.

Alaimo was already a determined woman with a grounded work ethic and drive. She was already climbing the ladder of success. But she found that Mary Kay was the vehicle she needed to elevate herself to new heights.

“Mary Kay has changed my life,” Alaimo said. “It is my passion to inspire women and teach them success in this business.”