Bolton: The search for intelligent life forms should start here

I have to laugh at the idea that we are continuously on the lookout for intelligent life forms on other planets in our solar system and beyond through the use of telescopes various space probes and listening devices like SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial intelligence). Why?

Because the people on this planet for the most part are not very intelligent themselves. Take a look at what we do to each other on a personal, national and international basis. We are constantly trying to hurt one another or kill each other through wars and other disagreements like hatred towards beliefs, religions, races, etc.

Take a look at our prison system, where we have the highest incarceration rate of all the jails and prisons around the world combined. We cannot wait to stick our fat noses into other people’s affairs here and abroad because we are control freaks.

Look at all the CIA coups where we undermine and/or overthrow governments to the detriment of its people as well as to ours, where it usually costs us in blood and treasure. However, the international bankers make out like bandits, which they are.

President Dwight D. Eisenhower warned us a long time ago to beware of the military industrial complex and what a prophet he was. When you come right down to it, there is no money in peace. A sad commentary, but true. Look at all the hundreds of skirmishes and wars that are happening around the world at any given time. We are very good at it as a society and we should all be appalled and ashamed.

So my question is why would we want to find intelligent life in outer space?

Let’s explore a few ideas.

Our government could take over a planet for their riches, namely oil and minerals; steal their highly advanced technology, mainly for war; make sure their government is like ours, Republican and Democrat; make sure our oil companies extracted their oil and reap the profits; make sure our federal reserve was in full control of their gold and money supply and if they don’t use money, they will now or else.

The government could set up a prison system just in case they did not comply; segregate their people, to avoid trouble; vaccinate them; hook them on legal and illegal drugs, to keep our pharmaceutical companies rich and the illegal drugs will keep the wheels of justice and prison coffers wealthy; put them on birth control to ensure their population does not explode; and teach them about abortions, just in case.

The government could contaminate their water supply with a poison called fluoride just in case they have teeth; spread chemtrails through their atmosphere to manipulate things — after all, clear skies are not very pretty to look at; set up a tax system for us to collect; force them to pay property taxes and if they don’t we will confiscate their homes through force; corrupt them with pornography; make sure they vote for same-sex marriages; and set up a militarized police force we control.

The government could convert their flying saucers over to gasoline, after all there is no money in anti-gravity propulsion; force them and their flying saucers to have a license and tag number; force them to carry flying saucer insurance and title of ownership, after all, this is the mark of freedom; put the NSA in charge of all communications; put our pentagon in control of their military and if they don’t have one they will now; sell them weapons; force them to have a license to hunt and fish; build them a Wall Street where we can confiscate their money with a stroke of a computer key; and put armed drones in their skies to keep them on their toes.

The government could install puppets like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson to keep race relations stirred up; open public schools for indoctrination of their children, which will be paid for with their property taxes and collected by our government we choose; and give them foreign aid, welfare and health care; install a puppet government we choose, but they think they voted for; and set up surveillance cameras all over their planet.

Now if they do not comply with our rules, we will just have to impose sanctions and embargos on them until they cry uncle and if that does not work we will bomb them into submission, which works every time, right? After all, our country wraps itself around freedom and religion. These various examples I give here are not very far from the truth, if not right on target to what we would do to alien beings on other planets if we discovered them.

We love to control everything and everyone, it is in our DNA. Maybe this is why they are in no hurry to land on the White House lawn. And who could blame the aliens? To them, we are probably nothing more than savage microbes on a petri dish. If they did land, you know we would probably throw a huge net over their craft, put it on a flat bed truck with a camouflage tarp over it and take it to a top secret location to do reverse engineering on it to see how it works. The alien beings would be taken and interrogated by the CIA. If they did not tell us what we wanted to know, we would probably water board them or give them a truth serum.

So I would like to make a plea to our government not to look for intelligent life on other planets, because if you find them you will just make their lives a miserable hell; and more than likely, it would come back to bite us.

I hope we never find intelligent life on other planets, because it will probably turn into a battle I do not want to see happen.

Craig Bolton is a Brooksville resident.

Bolton: The search for intelligent life forms should start here
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