Beacon Theater opens new large-screen auditorium

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BROOKSVILLE — “Transformers: Age of Extinction” is the first movie to play on Beacon Theater’s new large screen, which was scheduled to debut Friday.
Movie-goers to the Beacon Theater on State Road 50 will see not only great flicks, but will be able to watch their favorite films on the new wider screens that have been part of the recent construction.

Bo Chambliss, president of Georgia Theatre Company, said various factors delayed the opening but he was confident the new auditorium would be a hit with area moviegoers.

“We are very excited about this,” Chambliss said. “It has been a long time in the making.”

The first showing was slated to take place at 7 p.m. Friday. There was little promotion. A grand opening will take place at a later time, he said.

The Georgia Theatre Extreme (GTX) auditorium is the equivalent of five stories tall with a wall-to-wall screen that is 80 feet wide and 40 feet tall. There is Dolby 7.1 Surround Sound, 3-D projection and “luxury” seating.

The ticket price to the new auditorium is $12 for adults, or $3 more than regular screen prices, Chambliss said.

Children and seniors get in for $10 and matinee prices are $10 for everyone.

In about a week, Beacon’s two VIP seating auditoriums are scheduled to open. There will be reclining leather seats with footrests and available foods will include hamburgers, chicken and pizza.

Patrons can bring beer and soda to their seats.

There will be no up-charge for the VIP seats, Chambliss said.

Work crews hope to have additional parking spaces open in about a week, he added.

Other movies slated for the large-screen format are Dawn of the Planet of the Apes and Guardians of the Galaxy.

With the additions, Beacon Theater now has 12 screens.

The new auditorium originally was slated to debut in April but changes in the building plans necessitated permit tweaks.

There also is a new lobby and concession area. Instead of a box office window, tickets can be purchased from a concessionaire.

Georgia Theatre Company operates 317 auditoriums at 31 locations in Georgia, Florida, South Carolina and Virginia.

The company is headquartered on St. Simons Island, Ga.

(352) 544-5290