Aviation and K-9 Units Work Together to Capture Carjacking Suspect

The victim, Victor Rosario, posted his Honda CBR600 motorcycle for sale on his Facebook page for $2,500.

The suspect, Dayne Ryan Anthony Hall, responded to the post, indicating he was very interested in purchasing the motorcycle for the asking price.

Aviation and K-9 Units Work Together to Capture Carjacking Suspect

Rosario told detectives that when the two began communicating, Hall’s Facebook profile picture was of himself. Shortly thereafter, the two began communicating by telephone and text message. Later, when Rosario tried to check Hall’s Facebook page, Hall’s profile picture was gone. Hall explained this as “a friend was messing around and erased his Facebook page.”

Hall told Rosario that he could not drive to Rosario’s location in Hillsborough County to look at the motorcycle so it was decided, via text message, that Rosario and his wife would bring the motorcycle to Hernando County. Hall indicated that he was staying at the Motel 6 at Commercial Way and Cortez Boulevard and asked Rosario to meet him at Weeki Wachee Springs.

Rosario met Hall in the parking lot of Weeki Wachee Springs. Hall was acting suspicious. Rosario requested identification from Hall, who fumbled around and was unable to provide any.

Hall requested to test drive the motorcycle. Rosario refused the request, as Hall was unable to provide identification. Rosario then drove the motorcycle around the parking lot to demonstrate that it was in working order.

Hall then requested a ride to the Bank of America to withdraw the money to purchase the motorcycle. Rosario then drove the suspect on the motorcycle southbound on Commercial Way to the Bank of America at 6023 Spring Hill Drive. It should be noted there is a Bank of America on the northeast corner of Commercial Way and Cortez Boulevard.

Once at the bank, Hall got off and headed toward the ATM. He then turned around and accused Rosario of stealing his ATM card. When Hall went to call 9-1-1, he stated that his phone was dead. Rosario stated that he would call 9-1-1. Hall advised him not to call.

Hall then put his hand near the front of his pants, indicating he had a weapon. He demanded the keys to the motorcycle and told Rosario to leave the area. Rosario was in fear at the time and gave Hall the keys to the motorcycle. Rosario and his wife (in another car) then fled the area and called law enforcement.

The suspect was later observed driving the stolen motorcycle by both the Florida Highway Patrol and Hernando County deputies. No pursuit took place, and the suspect evaded capture.

Rosario provided detectives with information about the Facebook account information and advised that he did not know the suspect prior to engaging in this transaction.

Forensics Technicians responded to the office and constructed two photo packs containing the photo of Dayne Ryan Anthony Hall. One photo pack was presented to Victor Rosario and the other to his wife Madison Rosario. Both selected Hall as the person that carjacked Victor Rosario.

Just after 12:30 a.m. on 02-08-16, Deputy Brandon Cox was traveling southbound on Commercial Way and observed the motorcycle parked near the Dollar General store which is located next to the Motel 6. When Deputy Cox turned around, Hall spotted him and fled from the parking lot, northbound on Commercial Way. Deputies did not pursue the stolen motorcycle.

Deputy Vincent Mascitelli, driving an unmarked vehicle, spotted the motorcycle and began following it, as Hall drove throughout Spring Hill.

The Hernando County Sheriff’s Office Aviation Unit was requested.

Hall proceeded to drive the motorcycle south into Pasco County. Pasco County deputies were requested to respond to the area. Hall went down a dirt road in the area of 17751 Oxenham Drive.

The HCSO Aviation Unit arrived and observed that Hall had dropped the motorcycle and was running on foot. The Aviation Unit, flown by Chief Pilot Corporal David Calianno and Tactical Flight Officer, Deputy Mike Woodward, directed ground units to Hall’s location. Deputy Cox with K-9 Judge, along with Deputy Mascitelli, engaged Hall. Hall became aggressive and produced a 9mm handgun. Deputy Cox released K-9 Judge, who then took Hall to the ground, causing him to drop the firearm.

Hall was taken into custody after receiving three dog bites.

A search of Hall revealed a pocket knife and a dagger tucked down his pants.

Hall was transported to Bayfront Health Spring Hill for medical treatment.

Hall spoke briefly to detectives regarding the incident then refused to speak any further without an attorney present.

Dayne Ryan Anthony Hall W/M DOB/11-02-1986 was placed under arrest (in Pasco County) and charged as follows:

• Aggravated Assault on LEO (two counts)
• Felon in Possession of Firearm.

Hernando County detectives will obtain an arrest warrant today on Hall regarding the Carjacking case.


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