Signs You Should Rent a Meeting Room for Your Upcoming Meeting

You might normally handle meetings and other business hours within your office. From time to time, though, you might need to step out of the office and head elsewhere. For example, using a meeting room rental might benefit your business at times. These are a few signs that you may need to rent a meeting room sometime in the near future for business purposes.

Signs You Should Rent a Meeting Room for Your Upcoming Meeting

You Have a Big Group Coming to the Meeting

You might only have enough space in your office for the people who work within the company. In fact, you might not even have a meeting room that is large enough so that everyone can meet up at the same time. If you have a big group coming to your meeting and don’t have enough space, then using a meeting room rental MA can help you make sure that you can accommodate everyone.

Your Office is Being Renovated

If you’re in the process of having your office building renovated, then you’re probably looking forward to using it once all of the work has been done. In the meantime, though, you can’t let the renovation halt operations within your business. You may still need to have meetings with your clients, staff members and business partners, and you might not have a functioning meeting room available in your office right now. A meeting room rental can help until you get your office and its meeting rooms back in action.

You’d Like a Nicer Meeting Room

Even though your in-house meeting room might be fine for basic meetings with your employees, you could be hoping to impress clients or business partners at an upcoming meeting. If so, you may want to rent a nice meeting room for an upcoming meeting.

There are specific meeting room rental spaces available for business owners and the many things that they might need to use them for. In all of these circumstances and in others, renting one of these rooms can be a fantastic idea.

Undergoing Discreet and Specialized Healthcare Treatments

Men have different healthcare needs than women. The way their bodies are designed to work make them vulnerable to conditions from which women will never suffer.

Rather than go to a family healthcare provider for a gender-specific healthcare need, you might instead prefer going to a clinic that serves just men and their medical issues. There you can seek treatment for infections, fatigue, and low testosterone symptoms in millington tennessee.

Undergoing Discreet and Specialized Healthcare Treatments

Finding Hope in the Future

When you first go to the doctor at the clinic, you might think that your symptoms are unique and worrisome. You may feel that you are never going to get better or that your sex life will never go back to normal. You may feel embarrassed and like a failure because of your symptoms.

In reality, many men suffer symptoms like yours and go onto to recover completely from them. Your doctor at the clinic can explain to you what is happening and the reason for it. He or she can also prescribe a treatment that will help you get your normal function back quickly.

At the clinic, you will gain complete understanding of what is going on and why you are afflicted with the symptoms from which you are suffering. Once you know you are not alone in this battle, you could once again find hope in the future, knowing you more than likely will recover from the condition by following the regimen prescribed for you.

Discreet Medical Help

Another reason you might want to go to a clinic that serves men is for the discretion and privacy. You may not want everyone in your family to know about your issue, for example. You also may not want to chance running into anyone you know there.

The medical clinic specializes in keeping your information private and off-limits to unauthorized parties. You will not be put on the spot, and you will not be made to feel embarrassed by what is happening to you. You will receive sympathetic and professional help overcoming an issue that afflicts millions of men each year.

Traffic Crash with Road Obstruction 11-21-2018

I-75 – just north of the county line near mile marker 294


Please use an alternate route or expect delays until the roadway can be cleared (usually about 30 – 45 minutes).

For a real-time look at Hernando County Traffic Accidents and Responses – please visit the following link:

When to Seek Seawall Repair

Most seawalls are relatively low-maintenance unless you have had an unusually stormy year. It’s not unusual to need repairs every now and again. Below are a few instances that you’ll need to seek repairs right away. You need to take care of the structure that keeps your soil and structures safe from erosion and water damage.

When to Seek Seawall Repair

Visible Damage to the Seawall

Any area of the seawall you can see that has obvious damage should be repaired right away. Check these areas as thoroughly as possible during periods of low tide if they are placed in the water. Vinyl seawalls can take a real beating with sun damage and saltwater degradation. Replace any missing or damaged materials to maintain effective protection from water and soil erosion.

Ineffective Protection From Erosion

If water is getting around, under, or through your seawall, it’s in need of repair. You will tell-tale signs of high-water reaching areas that are not normal and missing soil or sand. Soil or sand loss can lead to instability on your property or of any existing structures.

Aging Materials

How old is your seawall? Seawalls that are made of heavy stone and boulders will last much longer than other types of materials. Older materials should always be replaced every few years for the most effective protection. Galvanized steel, vinyl, and other metals can all become corroded and prone to damage during storms.

Failure of A Seawall Inspection

Purchasing a new property that is near water that includes a seawall will generally include a basic inspection of the state of the structure. Any failure reported on the inspection should be addressed right away. Seek the seawall repair Palm Beach County residents depend on for quick and quality fixes.

Keep your seawall in great condition to avoid property and structural damage that can happen when tides rise and waves begin to get wild. Routine maintenance is all it takes to ensure your seawall is working as it should.

4 Considerations for Car Wash Owners

There’s more to owning a car wash than just filling soap dispensers and hosing down asphalt. If you want your car wash business to be truly successful, you’ll need to keep the following things in mind.

1. Sales

How much will you charge for your services? How much of a profit will you make after operational costs? Are there any other ways to bring in revenue besides the car wash itself? Can you also open a shop that sells candy and air fresheners, or can you attach your car wash to a gas station or auto repair garage? Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box when it comes to ways to make money.

2. Services

The modern car wash offers a lot more than squeegee services. For example, you might also provide waxing, polishing or painting services for cosmetic purposes, or you might keep a mechanic around to handle everyday services like oil changes. You might also offer self-service stations for things like pumping air into tires.

3. Maintenance

Car wash maintenance will be one of the most important aspects of your job. You can offer the best prices or services in the world, but if your car wash looks unkempt, drivers aren’t going to want to stop by and take advantage of them! Make sure that your parking lots are clean and your billboards aren’t peeling at the corners. You need to send a good impression of your business even at 50 miles per hour.

4. Feedback

What are customers saying about your business? Good reviews can make or break the reputation of your brand, so don’t take them lightly. Evaluate what customers are telling you through surveys and social media comments, and incorporate their feedback into your plans for the future.

These are just a few things to keep in mind as a car wash owner. As you can see, it’s a lot more complicated than it looks from the outside, so don’t rush any of your decisions. Take your time and make good choices for your car wash business.


Man Charged with Strong Arm Robbery and Battery on a Person 65 or Older

On 11-01-18 just before 5:30 p.m., Hernando County Sheriff’s deputies were dispatched to the area of 6917 Treehaven Drive in Spring Hill after dispatchers received calls regarding a large group of people beating an elderly gentleman. The elderly gentleman was reportedly bleeding from his face.


Upon arrival, deputies contacted the person who called 9-1-1. The caller advised that she observed a large crowd of people standing around an elderly Asian man in the roadway. She then observed two males striking and pushing the victim while the two females pushed the gentleman’s bicycle.

The caller stated that she was in fear for the elderly gentleman’s life, so she pulled to the side of the road and contacted 9-1-1. After being notified that “law enforcement was on the way,” all suspects fled the area.

Deputies conducted a thorough check of the area and were able to locate the individuals who battered the elderly gentleman.

Deputies interviewed two females who were located near the scene of the incident. Both females advised deputies that the elderly male approached them and asked them to “Call the cops.”

Deputies then made contact with Joshua Rhoades who resides at 6917 Treehaven Drive. Rhoades advised that while they were leaving his residence, they observed “a random guy digging through the neighbor’s trash.” Rhoades went on to say that he and his buddy, Lee Petit, contacted the elderly male and asked what he was doing. According to Rhoades, the elderly male then “came at them” and began yelling at them in an unknown language, eventually throwing trash in Rhoades’ yard.

Rhoades went on to say that the elderly gentleman went toward the front of the residence and “began messing with our stuff.” Rhoades reportedly told the elderly male to leave the property, at least four times. When the elderly male did not leave the property, Rhoades reportedly took the man’s bicycle and started to walk it off the property.

Rhoades told deputies that while removing the bicycle from the property, the elderly male “flattened my mailbox” and “whipped out a stick,” all the while attaching Rhoades’ friend, Lee Petit. Rhoades said that Petit defended himself, but would not elaborate.

Rhoades stated that he did not strike, nor had he been struck by the elderly male and that all he and Petit wanted was for the elderly male to leave the property – but the elderly male began attacking them.

Deputies then spoke with Lee Petit. Petit advised that he and Rhoades watched the elderly male digging through his trash cans, which were located next to the house, near the front door. Petit advised that after the male refused to leave the property that he forcefully removed him by walking the bicycle down the driveway towards the road. Petit said the male then produced a “metal stick” and began striking Petit with it. Petit reportedly found another stick and defended himself.

Petit told deputies the man bashed the mailbox down with the metal stick. When deputies confronted Petit about the tire tracks across the actual mailbox and on the ground around the base of the mailbox, Petit recanted his story. Rhoades also recanted his version of the story regarding how the mailbox got knocked down.

Petit then told deputies he stuck the elderly male with a stick, only after being struck by the elderly male first. He went on to say that he used the mailbox stand to “create distance” and to strike the elderly man.

Petit said the incident occurred in his yard and also in the street in front of his residence. When asked why witnesses reported the incident as having occurred down the street, Petit stated, “They don’t know what they saw.”

Deputies then attempted to speak with the elderly Asian male (71 YOA). He spoke very little English and was difficult to understand. Deputies noted that he had a large laceration across his right eyelid, and blood running down his face. Several abrasions were noted on his face, hands, and the inside of his right leg. The victim was transported to a local hospital by Hernando County Fire Rescue for treatment of his injuries.

After several failed attempts at utilizing a language interpreter to communicate with the elderly gentleman, deputies were able to locate a family member. The family member responded to the hospital and translated ancient Mandarin to English.

The victim stated that he was on his bicycle in the area of Pinehurst Drive when he was attacked by strangers, for no apparent reason. He stated he was looking at a piece of carpet that was on the side of the road when he was approached by two strangers in a vehicle. When the strangers began yelling at him, he tried to walk away. The strangers got out of their car and ran toward him in an aggressive manner.

Being that one of the strangers had a stick, the victim pulled out a small metal pipe to defend himself. One of the strangers (Petit) started striking the victim in the body with the stick, then threw a large plant pot at him. At this time, the victim became separated from his bicycle.

The victim stated that he tried to leave the area (get on his bicycle) several times but the strangers would not allow it. During the incident, the victim was punched several times and had several items thrown at him. One of the two strangers took his bicycle and threw it down the road. The victim stated that he was calling for help the entire time, but it appeared that no one heard him.

The victim confirmed that Petit was the only one who struck him and the only one who deprived him of his bicycle.

Neighbors in the area corroborated the victim’s version of the story and provided video surveillance footage to the deputies. The surveillance video also confirmed the victim’s version of the events that occurred.

After speaking with witnesses and reviewing video surveillance, deputies responded back to the residence to make contact with Lee Michael Petit DOB/09-10-1997. Petit was immediately placed under arrest and charged as follows:

– Strong Arm Robbery
– Battery on a Person 65 or Older
– Total Bond – $12,000.

Traffic Tip Tuesday 11-06-18 by Sergeant William Hillman

Wearing of headsets/ear buds while driving – Florida Statute 316.304

No person shall operate a vehicle while wearing a headset, headphone, or other listening device, OTHER THAN a hearing aid or instrument for the improvement of defective human hearing.

This section does NOT apply to:

-Any person operating a motorcycle who is using a headset that is installed in a helmet and worn so as to prevent the speakers from making direct contact with the user’s ears so that the user can hear surrounding sounds.

-Any person using a headset in conjunction with a cellular telephone that only provides sound through ONE ear and allows surrounding sounds to be heard with the other ear.

A violation of this section is a Non-Moving Violation and carries a $114.00 fine.

Media Release – MISSING ENDANGERED ADULT 10-30-18

The Hernando County Sheriff’s Office is requesting assistance from our media partners and the community in locating a MISSING ENDANGERED ADULT.

Media Release - MISSING ENDANGERED ADULT 10-30-18

Gary J. Zarcone was last seen on 10-29-18 at approximately 2 a.m., when he walked away from his residence on Heathwood Avenue in Spring Hill.

Mr. Zarcone has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and Diabetes and he has a pacemaker. He does not have any of his medications with him.

Mr. Zarcone’s physical description is as follows:
White Male
Date of Birth – 01-14-1950
Height – 5’7”
Weight – 180 lbs.
Hair – Salt and Pepper
Eyes – Brown
No Teeth
Possibly has facial stubble
Last seen wearing – Red T-Shirt, Blue Jeans and Gray Shoes.

Mr. Zarcone walked away from his residence at 2 a.m. this morning. He has been gone quite some time and could be anywhere by this time. He may not be in the immediate area of his residence.

We ask all residents to take a look around their property, under shrubbery, in garages or sheds, old cars, etc. to see if he has taken refuge in one of these places.

If you have seen Gary Zarcone or know his current whereabouts, please call the Hernando County Sheriff’s Office at 352-754-6830 or your local law enforcement agency. Thank you.

Traffic Crash with Road Obstruction 10-16-2018

Spring Hill Drive –at the intersection of Pinehurst Drive (the middle Pinehurst)


Please use an alternate route or expect delays until the roadway can be cleared (usually about 30 – 45 minutes).

For a real-time look at Hernando County Traffic Accidents and Responses – please visit the following link:

HCSO Storm Detail

As with any major storm, the HCSO has numerous deputies on the coast, protecting life and property.

This afternoon, deputies are assisting the Hernando County Department of Public Works in assessing roads for flooding/possible closure and assisting any citizen(s) who may become trapped due to street flooding.

At this time, all roads in Aripeka and Pine Island are under water. High tide is at 3:55 PM.

HCSO Storm Detail

Current Road CLOSURES

– Pine Island Drive
– Osowaw Boulevard
– Bayou Drive

Anyone on the coast who needs assistance, please call 352-754-6830 or 9-1-1 for an emergency.