5 Everyday Tips to Help You Lose Weight

Weight fluctuates in most people, and many people gain weight during the winter months. This is in part due to holiday eating and seasonal treats that are popular in the winter, but it’s also a product of the human genetic code.

Tips to Help You Lose Weight

The Science of Winter Weight Gain

Before mankind built climate-controlled homes for himself, people were largely nomadic. It was necessary to eat extra calories and build up an extra layer of fat for the winter. This is something that happens in many animals, including humans, because it’s part of human nature to survive. So picking up pounds in winter is common. Now, you need to adjust your behavior so you can take off those extra pounds for spring and summer.

  • Pay attention to how much you are eating. Look at serving sizes and if needed, use measuring cups. Try eyeballing a cup of Cheerios and pour it into a bowl. Now, measure out a cup of Cheerios and pour it into an identical bowl. This experiment will show you why you need to measure.
  • Listen to music while you clean. Try to have fun with cleaning. Instead of just slapping the duster around or pushing the vacuum slowly across the floor, treat it like an activity. Move quickly. Dance along to the music. Push your muscles and your body, and you will burn more calories while you’re performing those chores.
  • Drink more water whenever you can. Swap out at least one soda for a bottle of water instead, and you will notice a difference. Cut back on those fancy coffee drinks, the carbonated sodas and the high-calorie fruit juices. Stick to simple water, and you’ll be amazed by the difference it makes.
  • Walk that extra mile when you get the chance. Park your car farther away from the door. Use the stairs instead of the elevator. Stand, don’t sit, when the opportunity presents itself. Even if you don’t have time for a full-on exercise routine, you can find little ways to burn extra calories throughout the day.
  • Throw away all your white bread and switch to wheat instead. This one small change can create a big difference in your waistline. While you’re at it, avoid heavily breaded and fried foods. Replace such treats with steamed vegetables, low-fat pudding and other low-calories alternatives.

Losing Weight

Weight loss is something you have to work at every day. Weight gain happens slowly over time, so weight loss works the same way. Continue to pay attention to your own behavior and stick with it, because results may be slow. But if you stand by your changes, your body will eventually follow suit.

5 Everyday Tips to Help You Lose Weight
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